Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I was trying to upload photos but my computer is having memory problems, so I couldn't. On April 17 we went to the circus. The kids had a really good time. We saw Tigers jumping through fire rings - it looked cool in the dark arena, lots of clowns, women hanging on ropes, a little girl on a pony, a woman with hula hoops. For a circus - I don't like clowns - it was not too bad. We only had one slight meltdown. Deklan wanted a spider man balloon but he'd already chosen a light saber. Then to my complete surprise, my good little boy chose a compromise. I carry his wallet in my purse - birthday money, Easter, etc. He wanted to use his own money to buy the balloon. It was his idea and it was perfect.

We've been taking care of the baby rabbits. It's almost time to let them go on their own. Yesterday we took them outside for a few minutes. It was suggested that we put them in the grass for a few minutes a day until we let them go to let them get used to being outside. Two of them zoomed off in different directions. We caught them but it was kind of funny. My oldest was freaking out. Oh, and we found a place to let them go permanently. Deklan's school nurse has a farm property and she said we could let them go on the back of that. We'll probably do that tomorrow.

We've been busy with Scouts. Saturday was our city-wide garage sale and we had a Girl Scout booth. The parents donated things to be sold and all the proceeds went to benefit our troop.

Did I mention that we're also moving? Where? Don't have a clue. Our lease is up tomorrow and we haven't been able to find a place to lease. We've been looking since February. Can I stay another month? Uh, no. In January we got a notice of non-renewal for our lease. We weren't given a reason. However, everyone got a notice that rents are going up starting April/May (depending on the lease). We're assuming that, because we're in a limited low-income range, we have to move because they're raising the rents. We're not the only ones - several from our side of the building have already moved. So, I've been trusting that God will provide. And I'm still sure He will, but it's really hard to keep the faith when we are one day from being homeless. Some good friends of mine are going to let us plug our deep freeze into their garage until we find a place. In the meantime, everything is going into storage. And, let me tell you, we have a lot of crap!! LOL. I thought we'd gotten rid of a lot of our junk the last time we moved. Apparently we just accumulated more and kept it hidden in the kids' rooms. We're still moving stuff. I actually kept the girls home today to help me move boxes. (Which caused a HUGE meltdown this morning for Deklan.) I guess we'll stay in a motel for a week or so - expensive, I know, but down to no choices.

As for Deklan's meltdown... I got him onto the bus but then he just stood in the door well and kept kicking the doors. The bus driver tried to get him to settle down, but it was taking a long time so I went back to get him. I was parked a little ways away so he couldn't see me, but I could see him. So then I drove him to school, pulled him out of the van, carried him to the door, the two special ed teachers took him inside. He was screaming for me and reaching for me. I was in tears, he was in tears. It was not a pretty picture. But the school called me around 10 or so to let me know that he was doing fine.


mommy~dearest said...

Time to Say Yes to Michigan! :)

Marshella said...

Michigan? Then I can be homeless and cold! LOL.