Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I was trying to upload photos but my computer is having memory problems, so I couldn't. On April 17 we went to the circus. The kids had a really good time. We saw Tigers jumping through fire rings - it looked cool in the dark arena, lots of clowns, women hanging on ropes, a little girl on a pony, a woman with hula hoops. For a circus - I don't like clowns - it was not too bad. We only had one slight meltdown. Deklan wanted a spider man balloon but he'd already chosen a light saber. Then to my complete surprise, my good little boy chose a compromise. I carry his wallet in my purse - birthday money, Easter, etc. He wanted to use his own money to buy the balloon. It was his idea and it was perfect.

We've been taking care of the baby rabbits. It's almost time to let them go on their own. Yesterday we took them outside for a few minutes. It was suggested that we put them in the grass for a few minutes a day until we let them go to let them get used to being outside. Two of them zoomed off in different directions. We caught them but it was kind of funny. My oldest was freaking out. Oh, and we found a place to let them go permanently. Deklan's school nurse has a farm property and she said we could let them go on the back of that. We'll probably do that tomorrow.

We've been busy with Scouts. Saturday was our city-wide garage sale and we had a Girl Scout booth. The parents donated things to be sold and all the proceeds went to benefit our troop.

Did I mention that we're also moving? Where? Don't have a clue. Our lease is up tomorrow and we haven't been able to find a place to lease. We've been looking since February. Can I stay another month? Uh, no. In January we got a notice of non-renewal for our lease. We weren't given a reason. However, everyone got a notice that rents are going up starting April/May (depending on the lease). We're assuming that, because we're in a limited low-income range, we have to move because they're raising the rents. We're not the only ones - several from our side of the building have already moved. So, I've been trusting that God will provide. And I'm still sure He will, but it's really hard to keep the faith when we are one day from being homeless. Some good friends of mine are going to let us plug our deep freeze into their garage until we find a place. In the meantime, everything is going into storage. And, let me tell you, we have a lot of crap!! LOL. I thought we'd gotten rid of a lot of our junk the last time we moved. Apparently we just accumulated more and kept it hidden in the kids' rooms. We're still moving stuff. I actually kept the girls home today to help me move boxes. (Which caused a HUGE meltdown this morning for Deklan.) I guess we'll stay in a motel for a week or so - expensive, I know, but down to no choices.

As for Deklan's meltdown... I got him onto the bus but then he just stood in the door well and kept kicking the doors. The bus driver tried to get him to settle down, but it was taking a long time so I went back to get him. I was parked a little ways away so he couldn't see me, but I could see him. So then I drove him to school, pulled him out of the van, carried him to the door, the two special ed teachers took him inside. He was screaming for me and reaching for me. I was in tears, he was in tears. It was not a pretty picture. But the school called me around 10 or so to let me know that he was doing fine.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bunny Update

We've had the bunnies a week now. Happy to say all are doing very well.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Deklan came home from school yesterday completely grumpy. I guess there were a series of events that brought this on. I couldn't tell if anything actually happened at school, but something happened on the bus. Sissy said that... They had a sub on the bus. ... A little boy said Deklan stole money (.45 cents) from him. I believe that Deklan could have found money and the little boy told him it was his. At that point I can imagine Deklan arguing and saying it wasn't the other kid's because Deklan had found it. ... The sub wouldn't let Deklan sit in his regular seat so he had to sit with sissy. Sis had to hold him in his seat because Deklan kept trying to switch seats.

Then we couldn't get him into the house. He stood outside. He found a big stick and was swinging it at anyone who came near him. Then he went down to the playground. I finally got him to come inside but then he didn't want to do anything else. He wouldn't do his homework - still hasn't. He wasn't going to go to Boy Scouts - then changed his mind and went. He wouldn't go to bed last night. He laid in bed and just kept talking so I had to bring him to sit in my lap until he fell asleep. He didn't want to get up this morning and was slow to do EVERYTHING.

He's just having a grumpy moment - or maybe I am! :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Happenings

Our Easter weekend started on Good Friday. The kids were out of school for inservice day. I boiled eggs on Thursday evening so the kids got to dye eggs on Friday afternoon.
The Finished Products.

Friday evening I hosted Bunco while daddy took the kids to the Hannah Montana movie with Hayleigh's Girl Scout troop. We got home about the same time. Saturday morning started with an Easter egg hunt presented by ARC for special needs children and their families.The "official mascot" of the egg hunt.
Deklan found a golden egg and won a prize.At least they're not too old to pose with the Easter bunny.

Saturday afternoon my kids discovered some baby bunnies.
Apparently abandoned by their mom. They were burrowed into the wood chips on our playground. Chances were the mom wasn't coming back since kids had already been playing with them. We saw the first two - only two right? Wrong! There were three more under the one bunny. We left them until after dark - I didn't want to take them in and the mom come back, she would have been sad. I checked on them at 10:30 p.m. and only saw four. Thinking the mom was in the process of moving them, I left them alone and checked again at 11:30 p.m. It was then that I saw the fifth little one nearly frozen to death under the slide. (A sixth one had already died earlier in the day.) So I took them inside, warmed some milk, put them in a box with a towel, and put them under a lamp for the night. I woke the girls up to help me. Right now we have 5 little bunnies already jumping around and escaping the cage - the cracks in the cage are a little large for five day old bunnies. We assume they're only 4-5 days old because they just opened their eyes this afternoon. Our dog is going nuts. She just sits at the door to the bedroom and cries to check out the bunnies. We're afraid to leave her alone with them. I would like to believe that her motherly instincts are kicking in but I wouldn't want to chance that. Saturday evening I took Hayleigh to the Arena Football game - the 4th and 5th graders from her school performed the National Anthem. On Sunday morning... All the kids were visited by the Easter Bunny. New outfits for all three.

A Spiderman fishing pole for Deklan, a Betty Boop watch for Kodi, and a Tinkerbell watch for Hayleigh. Today we went to lunch as a family. Then made a trip to the pet store to get supplies to care for the babies. This afternoon we watched Open Season 2. That was our weekend. Hope you all had good ones too!

Friday, April 10, 2009

We went for a walk...

last Saturday.
We started out a little grumpy.

Such a good sister! She's decided to give a tired Deklan a piggy back.
I don't know if you can tell but the birdhouse is a replica of the nature center.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Tooth Fairy

Deklan has lost 2 teeth in the past week or so. I'm not really one to go with the whole tooth fairy, Easter bunny, Santa Claus myths. I've always told my kids the truth and it's not a big deal in my family. That's how I was raised. So when Deklan lost his first tooth a week - almost two weeks, now - I was excited. We took pictures. But we didn't put it under the pillow or anything. Actually, he lost the tooth at school so it was sent home in a big plastic tooth (the nurse keeps some for just these occasions). So, again, no big deal. He called Nana to tell her about the tooth.

Guess what? Three days later he got a letter in the mail from the Tooth Fairy. Yep! A $1 with a note that read, "I love teeth! Love, the Tooth Fairy". Addressed to Deklan, return address the Tooth Fairy. The first thing he wanted was his plastic tooth so he could see if the tooth fairy had actually gotten his tooth. Good thing I check the mail before he gets home - Mom actually told me it was coming though. I had found the big tooth, untaped it carefully, removed the tooth, replaced the tape - it was never opened. :) That was awesome! He loved it; thinks it's great!

Yesterday, he came home with his second tooth out! Oh boy, tooth fairy mail again? Nope! The tooth fairy only had to mail it because he forgot to put the tooth under his pillow last time. This time he made sure he put the tooth under his pillow. Shootfire! That means I have to be the tooth fairy. I'm not good at that kind of stuff - I forget. Actually... I couldn't find the silly thing under his pillow. Ok first you should know I have three children right? They all sleep in the same bed. Yes, they really do. Deklan against the wall, oldest in the middle, middle on the outside. So, in order to get the tooth, I have to crawl over the girls - did I mention this is a full size mattress with a twin bunk on top? I only hit my head once. I gave up, figured I'd give him an excuse if he checked it before I got in there this morning. He's a creature of habit so he headed directly to my room for a shower. While he was in the shower, I found the tooth (finally), removed the tooth, replaced the tape, and put a dollar under the plastic tooth. He was so excited again. He called Nana and told her about the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy had found the tooth because it was under the pillow so she didn't have to mail it this time.

As long as he's happy, I guess.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Laughing my *behind* off! Last Thursday, I was called into Deklan's school. Wait - I'm not allowed at Deklan's school, remember? Why should I come down there? Deklan was expressing inappropriate behavior and was unable to be calmed down. Really?! I'm so sorry to hear that. HE!HE!HE!

AND he had an accident in his pants! Could this day be better?

Ok, so I wasn't really happy to have to change him. Apparently he was running around the IR room and wouldn't stop, so they couldn't change him. Of course they wanted to lay him down and change him in the room. HUH?! He prefers privacy. He let me take him to the bathroom and change him. While we were in the bathroom I asked him what had happened. He told me that they were playing a game, Mrs. L (music teacher) told him he was pulling on the kids next to him so he had to sit down. He left the circle and it went downhill from there. We went back to the IR room and he continued to run around.

First of all, we weren't even in his IR teacher's room (Mrs. C), but I didn't ask why - I prefer the second IR teacher anyway. I asked him if he could tell Mrs. R (IR teacher) what he'd told me in the bathroom. Instead of telling her, he drew her pictures - explaining everything that happened. The teachers were very impressed with his expressive behavior. Here's the rundown: He was standing in circle - holding hands with the kids, supposedly he was pulling the two directly holding his hands, Mrs. L told him to step out of the circle. Deklan disagrees with the pulling part, but obliges by stepping out of the circle. The building para (not his regular para) tells him to sit. When he doesn't comply, she physically restrains him. Big mistake! He gets more "uncooperative" - his word. Then they're off to PE. His regular para walks him to PE. Before they get into the gym, Deklan stops walking - apparently in the middle of the doorway. Now he's at PE, won't go in the class, and just found out he has a sub. The OT had to come and remove him. They went to her room first. Then he was moved to Mrs. C's classroom before being moved to Mrs. R's room. When I got to the school he was running around. There was Mrs. R, a couple of paras, and the social worker. Once we got him to calm down and explain what was going on, the OT (who had to leave for an appointment) came back into the room. Deklan never did make it back to his regular classroom.

But... the funny part? Ms. Social Worker said that the reason Deklan was in Mrs. R's room was... ready for this?... because when she went to check in with Mrs. C, she was nearly in tears. She asked for help because she couldn't handle Deklan anymore. HE!HE!HE! Sorry, I can't help it! These are the same people that said, "We never have any problems with Deklan. He's great at school." Almost in tears. HA!HA!HA!

He didn't have an accident on Friday, but... they did have another "uncooperative" moment. Thankfully, it wasn't quite as long and didn't escalate. He was able to return to his class again.

I'm very upset that Deklan would act this way, but I'm also very happy that Deklan would act this way. Is that wrong of me? Still laughing my *behind* off thinking about it. Almost in tears! :) HA!HA!HE!HE! Tears!! Oh my, I may have tears of my own - from laughing!

Principals know best?

A week ago Sunday we had Hayleigh in to the psychologist to determine if she's ADHD. Sunday? you ask. Yes, actually we were supposed to meet on Saturday but that was the weekend that we had the blizzard warning. The doctor was in the 18 inches of snow area so we rescheduled for Sunday morning. Anyway, her older sister has ADHD and ODD. Deklan, of course, has Autistic Disorder and leans towards ODD. So, with the way Hayleigh has been acting, I thought we should get her checked. Her teacher even made a comment about Hayleigh getting up WHILE SHE'S TEACHING and wandering around. Hayleigh will blow her nose or sharpen her pencil in the middle of lessons. Ok, so her regular teacher went on maternity leave one week before spring break. Therefore, she has a sub for the rest of the term. I asked the principal to PLEASE do not let the sub fill in the questionnaire from the doctor. PLEASE let one of her paras fill in the paper so we can get an accurate view of Hayleigh's behavior. "Oh, we don't let teacher's aides fill out checklists. Mrs. P is a certified teacher. I'm sure she knows how to fill out the paper work." I'm sure she has wonderful credentials... but she does NOT know my daughter's behaviors. After explaining the situation - 3 times! - she finally conceded with "Well we'll see if the teacher's aide feels confident enough to fill out the questions." Excuse me? Confident? I think she meant that she doesn't feel they are competent enough. If they are that stupid I don't want them helping my student in class! (I know both of them, and they are perfectly competent, BTW.) So I picked the form up from school and, guess what? The paras didn't fill it out - Mrs. P did!!! UGH! What is wrong with people?! Do you think her papers described Hayleigh - no. In fact, a lot of her answers were "did not observe" - no kidding, that's what happens when you've been in the classroom with her for almost 3 weeks and one of those was spring break! After discussing the situation with the doctor we've decided that we can wait until the fall to re-do the paper work. She only has about 7 weeks of school left anyway and then she'll be having lots of fun over the summer break. So, not only is Deklan's school principal a pompous jerk who thinks everyone else is incompetent, but so is Hayleigh's! Why don't they run off together and live happily ever after? I'm sure no one would really miss them.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April is Autism Awareness Month


Autism is a complex brain disorder that inhibits a person's ability to communicate and develop social relationships, and is often accompanied by extreme behavioral challenges. Autism spectrum disorders are diagnosed in one in 150 children in the United States, affecting four times as many boys as girls. The diagnosis of autism has increased tenfold in the last decade. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have called autism a national public health crisis whose cause and cure remain unknown.