Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Deklan came home from school yesterday completely grumpy. I guess there were a series of events that brought this on. I couldn't tell if anything actually happened at school, but something happened on the bus. Sissy said that... They had a sub on the bus. ... A little boy said Deklan stole money (.45 cents) from him. I believe that Deklan could have found money and the little boy told him it was his. At that point I can imagine Deklan arguing and saying it wasn't the other kid's because Deklan had found it. ... The sub wouldn't let Deklan sit in his regular seat so he had to sit with sissy. Sis had to hold him in his seat because Deklan kept trying to switch seats.

Then we couldn't get him into the house. He stood outside. He found a big stick and was swinging it at anyone who came near him. Then he went down to the playground. I finally got him to come inside but then he didn't want to do anything else. He wouldn't do his homework - still hasn't. He wasn't going to go to Boy Scouts - then changed his mind and went. He wouldn't go to bed last night. He laid in bed and just kept talking so I had to bring him to sit in my lap until he fell asleep. He didn't want to get up this morning and was slow to do EVERYTHING.

He's just having a grumpy moment - or maybe I am! :)

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