Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Serious business

First, I have good news (if you call autism good - lol). Deklan's diagnosis stayed the same - he definitely has autism. I know that's a weird thing to be happy about but I really am. The psychologist that tested him said that since autism has been in the news more that she's had a lot of parents actually want their kids to be diagnosed with autism. So, she was being careful with our diagnosis. However, after the testing, talking with me, and getting the paperwork from the teachers - she said there is no doubt that Lil D is autistic. She also said that in the past two months she's tested about 10 kids and Lil D is the first one that truly has the diagnosis. On that note, he is regressing terribly! The school doesn't have any clue to what to do with him either. They have a struggle with him every day - especially when it comes to writing. He has melt downs that include throwing chairs, screaming, crying, hitting, head banging, and completely shutting down. He's not even completely potty trained either! At my whit's end and not sure what to do with him. I listened to him scream and cry for over an hour yesterday because he wanted Wendy's instead of McDonald's - which he decided after we were already in the drive thru line... and he didn't get his way either.

Second, Dakota graduated 8th grade last night!! Whoohoo! There were days I thought she might not make it but she did! Lol. She looked beautiful! I procrastinated taking her to get a dress so we were in a rush yesterday before the recognition. We made it to seven stores and back home in 2 1/2 hours! She had to have a zebra print dress... and shoes... and a bra...... Lol. It was worth it!

Third, Kodi had her "wax museum" at school. Each 8th grader was assigned a historical person that they had to learn a speech and then dress up as that person. They all had to do a speech and create some kind of back board about the person. Then you walk up and "press" her button so that she starts talking. It was pretty good. K was Rosalind Elsie Franklin, the woman who helped discover DNA.

Fourth, I had my first big event at work. It was awesome! We had a sanctioned BBQ, Chili, Dutch Oven contest and Car Show. I had just under 90 days to pull it all together and I did! Ok... I had a lot of help. The board members are wonderful and were extremely helpful - jumping in to help wherever I needed them. Then we got reviewed by the BBQ representatives - and did awesome! They were really impressed. Then I got my event review from the board members - and it was awesome! I know - awesome is a big and annoying word - but I don't know how else to describe it!! Now, we work on the golf tournament. :)

Fifth, not so good news. In fact, it's kind of disturbing and sad. My oldest daughter was date raped a couple of weeks ago. We're on a gag order by the detective so I cannot give details. However, it was a boy she knew and was friends with. He was over at the house - they were in the back yard, there was some consensual hugging and some kissing... when things started progressing, she said stop and he didn't. When we went to the police, she had to be video taped during interview and then they sent us to a forensics nurse at the hospital. There were lots of pictures and testing - she was a real trooper. We were there for nearly five hours between the police department and the hospital. Since we filed charges (and it did go to the DA), the boy has not been back to school. Kodi is dealing really well with this - it was hard the first few days with people calling her a liar and a bunch of drama, but all that's getting much easier to deal with. We've talked about it, she's done well, and she's strong so this will just be a bump that we all get over. Never forget but get over. The day after it happened she called me from school - she was so overwhelmed and needed to tell me. I'm just happy that we have a relationship in which she's comfortable and trusts me enough to share with me what happened and how she's feeling. I know some girls would never be able to tell their parents.