Monday, June 23, 2008

Well, we're off again bright and early tomorrow morning. One more GS camp this summer and then we're off to Colorado for a couple weeks visiting family and friends.

Just one before I go though.

This morning I was approaching an intersection in which I had the right of way. There was a car approaching a stop sign too fast on my right and I said, "you better stop buddy."
Deklan said, "I think some people don't know it's the law to stop."
I said, "Where'd you get so smart?"
He said, "Well I have memory stuff in my brain. I got a shirt in my brain and a house in my brain. Every time I buy something then that memory stuff goes to my brain. But when I sleep the people in my brain are not in there. The people in my brain have a store in there too. Sometimes when I'm sleeping the people go there."
Just wanted to let everyone know that the puppy is doing just fine. If I can just teach Deklan how to be gentle with her, she'll be doing great.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our new puppy is a female Rat Terrior, just about 6 or so weeks old. We were trying to name the puppy. There were quite a few suggestions. Some were serious... Quinn, Riley, Lilly. Some were funny... Knucklehead (my personal favorite), Puppy, Nippy (because she bites). Deklan suggested Chocolate-Vanilla Swirl and Vanilla Swirl with Caramel and Chocolate. I told him they were too long for the name tag. Then Michealla, one of my "nieces" from Colorado, suggested "Poopie Head". Deklan piped up with, "No, that's a boy's name!" Sorry, didn't realize Poopie Head had a gender.

When Quinn was suggested, Deklan thought that was great. He said, "yeah, let's name her Quinn. That way when she goes nuts we can call her..."
Are you ready for this?

(For those of you that don't get it... Insane!)

While at Mom's, Mom said she'd cook hamburgers when we got home after a day of errands. I said, "Mmmm with cheese, ketchup, and pickle relish." Michealla said, "Relish is made from pickles?"

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our New Puppy "Riley"

I have no idea what Deklan ate that was blue - maybe it was his Berry Gatorade.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Well, we're off again. We're taking my oldest to Girl Scout camp and visiting with mom again. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thursday was rough. I should have been home cleaning and getting ready for my two extra girls that I'm going to have for the month. Which is what I had planned to do - right after I ran a couple of errands. After not being home for a week and a half, I needed to get a few groceries. My husband can survive on Top Raman and Pot Pies. The kids and I can survive on cereal and frozen pizza. So, I needed milk and a few other things that can be made up quickly. Unfortunately, I also had the bad sense to decide that we should run out to grab some burgers before continuing with errands. I hate it when I try to be a fun mom and everything blows up in my face.

We went to McDonald's - kids' favorite place. Deklan decided he wanted Wendy's to eat. Actually he just wanted to go through Wendy's drive-thru but play at McDonald's. Of course he didn't decide this until I had already ordered our food. Then he started the melt down in the middle of McDonald's. He tried not to scream but started to pull on me. When Kodi tried to help he started screaming. I had the girls stay for the food while I went outside with Deklan. I couldn't get him to talk or look at me. He just kept saying Wendy's! I told him I'd get the girls and the food and we'd go. No, he wanted me to throw the food away and leave. NO WAY! I was not going to throw the food away. The girls finally came out but Deklan was not going to get into the van. He screamed and kicked. The people in the restaurant - going in and coming out - just looked at us like I was a horrible mom and Deklan was a horrible little boy. After, I don't know, maybe 1/2 hour-45 minutes he decided we should eat at McDonald's and reorder our food. Again, NO WAY! I still had the food. I didn't have the drinks because I just couldn't keep Deklan from grabbing them and spilling them. I thought his sisters were going to strangle him. We were out there for over an hour. I did get him settled down enough that he let me hold him but he still cried and screamed - he just quit kicking. I was tempted to call his dad from work to come help me, but I knew that wasn't really a realistic solution. Finally we basically shoved him into the car - Hayleigh held him while I pulled out. I felt awful. Unfortunately, I still had errands to run. I didn't have any groceries - not even pop or juice or milk. I stopped at the one store and he stood in the parking lot screaming about going back to McDonald's for 5 minutes. I finally just kept walking and he came along. He threw a fit for just a minute longer until he got to the pop isle. I drink Coke. The new 2-liter bottles have the olympics symbols and some colors. He stopped because he was fascinated by the bottles. When we left that store, I still had to go to Super Wal-Mart our grocery store of choice due to one-stop shopping when necessary. He was much better in that store. By the time we got home I was exhausted. I didn't want to do anything but cry. I didn't of course because that would just be senseless. Needless to say, nothing got cleaned up in the house either.

Thursday night it stormed. Actually we went to the store and got my daughter a tracfone that was on sale. I'm stupid - I should have just added her to our monthly plan; it probably would have been cheaper in the long run. Anyway, then we went to the t-mobile store because I wanted to get on a text messaging plan and upgrade my phone. As soon as we stopped it started pouring down rain. And the rain was cold! It was kind of fun running through the rain though. BTW I got a red Blackberry Pearl. It's kind of cool - a lot different than my regular little flip phone. Thank goodness that I had credit on my account or the phone would have cost me over $250.

Friday was good. Hubby was able to get the day off to go with us. We went to Hays, Ks to pick my "extra" girls. We had lunch with the kids and their mom. The kids were making up jokes and we were laughing and having a good time. Deklan sat at the end next to daddy and the other mom. He was so good. The older of the two girls, Michealla, is 14. Camrie is 9. Deklan has taken to Michealla so well. He already knew her - we're practically family anyway - but she is so good with him and he loves her.

Yesterday was spent at garage sales with the kids. We just had a really fun time.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Well, we're back from Mom's. She lives in the Black Hills of Oklahoma - Rich Mountain actually. I know, if you've been to or live in Colorado then no one has mountains but Colorado; but for Oklahoma, these are mountains. Anyway, she lives in a little town called Heavener, population about 3500 +/-, and actually 12 miles into the mountains but with a Heavener address. Seriously - you can even find it on a map. This town is about 18 or so miles from Poteau, OK. Again, seriously. For those of you not familiar with this small area of Oklahoma - she is about 45 miles from Mena, Arkansas, one way and Fort Smith, Arkansas, the other. Well they're not straight lines one way or the other - there's a whole lot of curving and twisting to get those 45 miles either way. Anyway, since she actually lives 12 miles from the actual "town" - along with dozens and dozens of chicken houses - she only has access to dish network and absolutely NO INTERNET services. We were there a week and half and Kodi and I thought we were going to go into email/internet withdrawals. We even made her take us (well I actually drove but we needed her card) to the library one day so we could check email. Pathetic, I know. Here's the thing with me. I hate the phone. I'm not great in public - mostly because I usually end up being the loudest one in the room, which I really hate. But on the email and internet it doesn't matter how loud or annoying I am because no one HAS to read what I say. If I'm on the phone, they have to listen. If I'm in the room, they have to listen or at least pretend to. The point is, I think I live my life on the stupid computer. I told my mom now that I can check my voice mail from the email I don't ever need to leave the computer again! Well, maybe once in a while.

Anyway, we had a good time. The girls and I like to visit with Mom and she plays games with us. Our favorites are: Rummikub, Skip-Bo, Phase 10, and Give Me 5. When the kids aren't arguing we could play for hours. Mom lives alone though and she's always busy. Getting her to sit down is like telling a rabid dog not to foam at the mouth. I know I'm lazy but when I'm there I feel extremely lazy. She's just always busy. And she always says what a mess her house is and it's practically spotless. Please, let my house be that messy sometime. My husband would think I was extremely ill if he came home to a near spotless house. She felt bad because she only home-cooked a couple of meals for us. The rest of the time we had sandwiches or fruit or whatever. No problem for us, that's what we always do. I don't think I've planned a meal in months or even years maybe. Of course she spoils us rotten while we're there. She cooks the day before we leave and then sends leftovers home with us - broccoli/rice casserole, home-made sour dough rolls, ham ball, peanut butter balls, sometimes even an angel food cake. She gives the kids about $10 or $15 to spend while we're there. Her main shopping is the Super Wal-Mart in Poteau. Someone told my husband it used to be the Piggly Wiggly years ago before Wal-Mart came to town. There is a home town grocery store in Heavener but even with the price of gas it's cheaper to go 18 miles to Poteau. Anyway, we only went to Poteau once and that was for groceries when we first got there. We only went into Heavener twice - library/dollar store/goodwill on Thursday and church on Sunday. It was so hot and humid. My mother is on limited budget so she doesn't run the A/C unless she's absolutely dying - not to mention she thinks 85 degrees is on the cool side. :) I think she ran the A/C twice while we were there. When I say run it, I mean she left it on for somewhere between 20 minutes and an hour to cool the house down and then turned it off again. Thank God for ceiling fans. It was actually the humidity that killed me. When I got out of the shower - and they were pretty cool too - by the time I dried off I felt like I needed another shower.

I've already said I'm lazy and I know it. My mom agrees I think. I don't sleep well at night. Some nights when everyone thinks I'm asleep, I'm really just lying there. Because of that, I love to take naps whenever I get the chance. It doesn't really matter if I get a nap or not, I still don't sleep. In fact, sometimes I actually sleep better on the nights I've had a nap than on the ones where I skip it and make myself stay awake. Of course sometimes even my naps are half spent lying awake and thinking. I think my mom thinks I'm terrible for as much as I "sleep". If I lay down for a couple of hours she thinks I should be doing something. Actually, I just think she feels like she shouldn't nap because she should be doing something. Anyway, I always feel bad and try not to take naps when I'm there but I usually end up lying down for a little while anyway. Last week with the humidity and heat, I don't think I did anything at all. Played games with the kids and mom; helped mom hang up an American flag on her front porch; tried to keep my room fairly tidy - she hates messy rooms/unmade beds; tried not to be too lazy but I don't think it worked. I'm sure I drive her nuts and we're really loud when we're there. I always love seeing her but then I'm ready to be in my own house by the time we leave. I'm sure she's ready for her privacy to be returned. Yep, couldn't wait to finally have my computer time back. Now, I've been home a day and I already miss her. Even if she thinks I shouldn't nap. :)

Deklan only had 3 accidents - Yea!! Mom has a little plastic swimming pool that she picked up a few years ago for $5 or $10 when they were on sale. She put that in her front yard and let the kids run the hose in it. Deklan and Hayleigh loved it - Deklan more so though. He spent at least an hour everyday outside playing in the water. Usually more than an hour. The pool has a little slide and he'd climb up there and get on his knees and slide into the water. He thought it was great and had so much fun. We live in an apartment... I wonder how they'd feel about a kiddie pool?

Now my week has just begun. Today, I need to get the girls' extra bed cleaned off for company; need to get the van cleaned out after our trip; I would like to get my nails done; need to get a few groceries; need to straighten the house; need to pay bills. Because tomorrow our summer continues... I'm meeting a friend of mine from Colorado in Hays to pick up her daughters (14 and 9) to come stay a month with us. We'll be home all week next week. But then on the 13th we go back to Mom's for a few days because we need to be in Oklahoma on Sunday anyway for camp and mom hasn't seen these girls in nearly 6 years (they're almost like another set of grandkids to mom). We go to mom's on Friday, Sunday we go to Bartlesville (a couple hours from Mom) to drop Kodi at GS camp, all but Kodi go back to mom's until Wednesday at which time we will go pick Kodi up from GS camp and head home. The following Sunday we'll go to Garden City for another 3-day GS camp (each of my girls gets a 1/2-day day camp at the Lee Richardson zoo - I love that zoo. The other two girls and Deklan are just along for the ride so we'll get passes to the local swimming pool and do some stuff for them too. When we leave the zoo camp on the 25th, we'll be headed to Colorado. Visit with the in laws and friends, drop the two girls off with their mother, and spend a few weeks just hanging out. Once we come home from there, we are NOT leaving again. School starts a couple of weeks after that in early August so we'll need to rest and get ready for school anyway. Not to mention cramming in quite a few doctor's/dentist/opthamology appointments into the middle of the "at home" time. Not to mention trying to build my AVON business too.

Anyway, that's an update to what's been happening and will be happening in case you don't see me on here for awhile.

Hope you all have a great summer!
Last night Deklan kissed me goodnight and said I love you. Then he turned around and said, "I have a love string that goes from my heart to your heart." AWWWW!

Before that he asked if he could sleep with his sisters. I told him only if he would go to sleep and not keep them awake. He jumped on Hayleigh said, "Yeah, I get to sleep with the sisters! My Treat!"