Monday, April 6, 2009


Laughing my *behind* off! Last Thursday, I was called into Deklan's school. Wait - I'm not allowed at Deklan's school, remember? Why should I come down there? Deklan was expressing inappropriate behavior and was unable to be calmed down. Really?! I'm so sorry to hear that. HE!HE!HE!

AND he had an accident in his pants! Could this day be better?

Ok, so I wasn't really happy to have to change him. Apparently he was running around the IR room and wouldn't stop, so they couldn't change him. Of course they wanted to lay him down and change him in the room. HUH?! He prefers privacy. He let me take him to the bathroom and change him. While we were in the bathroom I asked him what had happened. He told me that they were playing a game, Mrs. L (music teacher) told him he was pulling on the kids next to him so he had to sit down. He left the circle and it went downhill from there. We went back to the IR room and he continued to run around.

First of all, we weren't even in his IR teacher's room (Mrs. C), but I didn't ask why - I prefer the second IR teacher anyway. I asked him if he could tell Mrs. R (IR teacher) what he'd told me in the bathroom. Instead of telling her, he drew her pictures - explaining everything that happened. The teachers were very impressed with his expressive behavior. Here's the rundown: He was standing in circle - holding hands with the kids, supposedly he was pulling the two directly holding his hands, Mrs. L told him to step out of the circle. Deklan disagrees with the pulling part, but obliges by stepping out of the circle. The building para (not his regular para) tells him to sit. When he doesn't comply, she physically restrains him. Big mistake! He gets more "uncooperative" - his word. Then they're off to PE. His regular para walks him to PE. Before they get into the gym, Deklan stops walking - apparently in the middle of the doorway. Now he's at PE, won't go in the class, and just found out he has a sub. The OT had to come and remove him. They went to her room first. Then he was moved to Mrs. C's classroom before being moved to Mrs. R's room. When I got to the school he was running around. There was Mrs. R, a couple of paras, and the social worker. Once we got him to calm down and explain what was going on, the OT (who had to leave for an appointment) came back into the room. Deklan never did make it back to his regular classroom.

But... the funny part? Ms. Social Worker said that the reason Deklan was in Mrs. R's room was... ready for this?... because when she went to check in with Mrs. C, she was nearly in tears. She asked for help because she couldn't handle Deklan anymore. HE!HE!HE! Sorry, I can't help it! These are the same people that said, "We never have any problems with Deklan. He's great at school." Almost in tears. HA!HA!HA!

He didn't have an accident on Friday, but... they did have another "uncooperative" moment. Thankfully, it wasn't quite as long and didn't escalate. He was able to return to his class again.

I'm very upset that Deklan would act this way, but I'm also very happy that Deklan would act this way. Is that wrong of me? Still laughing my *behind* off thinking about it. Almost in tears! :) HA!HA!HE!HE! Tears!! Oh my, I may have tears of my own - from laughing!


Bobbi said...

Hehe! Don't you love it when they say how good they are at school. It's nice when they get to see what the kids can really be like. Too funny that you got a good laugh out of it. Why arn't you allowed at the school? Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day for him! ((hugs))

Marshella said...

I'm not allowed at the school because of the melt down that he had back on February 6. The principal blamed me for the melt down. He decided that it was best if I did not come to the school during class hours because I'm too much of a disruption. It wasn't a nice exchange and I still cannot stand to even be in the same room as the man.