Saturday, November 14, 2009

Please do not buy this book

About 7 months ago a friend's niece died while in the care of Jeanette Lawrence. The child was only 2. She was left unattended for a period of more than a few minutes and the results were fatal. I believe the DA is still trying to make his case in court so I do not know the details except that the child died and it could have been prevented. The little girl was only one of several that was in her care that day. After the incident, it was determined that the woman should not have had as many children in her care as was that day. Now it turns out that Jeanette Lawrence has published a book... Your Child's Daycare: Everything You Need to Know From Start to Finish. It is even being sold by Please do NOT buy this book... encourage others to NOT buy this book. will not remove the book from their list because it would be considered censorship.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

The kids did some neighborhood trick or treating and then we went to the church for "Trunk or Treat"... then more neighborhood trick or treating. Kodi had her first Halloween overnighter at a friend's house. Of course I did take her and a friend trick or treating with the little ones before the party... she can't grow up too fast! Anyway, here's costumes for this year. We didn't have the money to buy new costumes so we worked with what we already had in the house.

Deklan is a Ninja. I actually bought the Ninja costume for a dime after last Halloween. It should have been big enough (it's a 7), but he had a big growth spurt over the summer so it was a little short and snug... he didn't care, he wanted to be a Red Ninja. When he got cold I gave him my sweatshirt to wear, which he swam in... he said he was the "Ghost of the Red Ninja" and thought it was great. Funny.

Hayleigh was a cheerleader... with a little tweak of the makeup, hair, and gloves. Surpisingly, this was actually Kodi's cheer outfit from when she took cheer in kindergarten.

Kodi was Abby Sciuto from NCIS, complete with spider web tattoo. (Actually, I drew it on with a makeup pencil.) My favorite show is NCIS with the CSI branch closely following (except Miami... I can live without that one, but still watch it). Abby is our favorite character on the show. She looked great and everyone recognized her right away.

We also had a special guest for Halloween... He lives on my porch.

Since I'm terrified of spiders, he doesn't get messed with.