Monday, April 6, 2009

Principals know best?

A week ago Sunday we had Hayleigh in to the psychologist to determine if she's ADHD. Sunday? you ask. Yes, actually we were supposed to meet on Saturday but that was the weekend that we had the blizzard warning. The doctor was in the 18 inches of snow area so we rescheduled for Sunday morning. Anyway, her older sister has ADHD and ODD. Deklan, of course, has Autistic Disorder and leans towards ODD. So, with the way Hayleigh has been acting, I thought we should get her checked. Her teacher even made a comment about Hayleigh getting up WHILE SHE'S TEACHING and wandering around. Hayleigh will blow her nose or sharpen her pencil in the middle of lessons. Ok, so her regular teacher went on maternity leave one week before spring break. Therefore, she has a sub for the rest of the term. I asked the principal to PLEASE do not let the sub fill in the questionnaire from the doctor. PLEASE let one of her paras fill in the paper so we can get an accurate view of Hayleigh's behavior. "Oh, we don't let teacher's aides fill out checklists. Mrs. P is a certified teacher. I'm sure she knows how to fill out the paper work." I'm sure she has wonderful credentials... but she does NOT know my daughter's behaviors. After explaining the situation - 3 times! - she finally conceded with "Well we'll see if the teacher's aide feels confident enough to fill out the questions." Excuse me? Confident? I think she meant that she doesn't feel they are competent enough. If they are that stupid I don't want them helping my student in class! (I know both of them, and they are perfectly competent, BTW.) So I picked the form up from school and, guess what? The paras didn't fill it out - Mrs. P did!!! UGH! What is wrong with people?! Do you think her papers described Hayleigh - no. In fact, a lot of her answers were "did not observe" - no kidding, that's what happens when you've been in the classroom with her for almost 3 weeks and one of those was spring break! After discussing the situation with the doctor we've decided that we can wait until the fall to re-do the paper work. She only has about 7 weeks of school left anyway and then she'll be having lots of fun over the summer break. So, not only is Deklan's school principal a pompous jerk who thinks everyone else is incompetent, but so is Hayleigh's! Why don't they run off together and live happily ever after? I'm sure no one would really miss them.

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