Sunday, March 1, 2009

Great Day

The girls and I had to do cookie booths all day - 10-2 & 4-6. So... I had to find a babysitter for Deklan since hubby works on Saturday. I have a good friend who just adores Deklan. Her son and mine were in kindergarten together and still have playdates. And she has a younger son that really likes Deklan too. Anyway, she agreed to take Deklan for the whole day. God Bless Her! I didn't tell Deklan until Friday afternoon that he was going. He said, "Wow, this is great. This is wonderful! Why didn't you tell me sooner? They're like my BFF's!" (Can you tell he has sisters?) There is a kid's museum/interactive place in town - Exploration Place. She took the kids there. They had a blast! Before bed I told Deklan that I was happy he had a good day. He said, "It wasn't a good day, Mom. It was a GREAT day!"

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