Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Spring

We're just back from spring break. We spent Saturday through Wednesday at mom's in Oklahoma. We had a great time - always do with my mom. She spoiled the kids rotten - and me too! She bought us all new shoes - which we needed. I got the coolest Coke bag (I LOVE Coke!). Of course there was candy and snacks and anything else the kids wanted. Last year we saw my mom at least 4 times throughout the year. 3 days was the least amount of time we spent with her too. So, normally during spring break, we leave on Friday after school and come back a week later on Sunday. But, this year, due to other obligations - Girl Scouts mostly - we went on Saturday morning and came back on Wednesday morning. My mom kept saying things like, "Since I only see you once a year..." "Since you only spend a few hours a year with me..." "Since I only see the kids about a millisecond a year..." Today she called me and said she forgot that I was even there last week since it was only half a millisecond that we were there. She's funny.

We didn't go until Saturday because I was still doing cookie audits for my Girl Scout service unit. I was just the assistant cookie manager. The actual cookie manager had to go to the audit at the council on Monday (during spring break). My mom would have freaked if I hadn't been able to go until Monday afternoon. We came back early because my oldest was invited to go on a missions trip with a local youth group. She was pretty excited. It was only two days - Thursday and Friday. They went to Oklahoma City and packed boxes of food and supplies to be shipped to Africa. She had a really great time. It worked out because middle child was invited to a birthday party sleep over on Thursday, so because we came back early she was able to go. She was very happy. I was invited to a "women's toy party" on Thursday evening. But that's another story. ;)

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