Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Deklan's IEP was yesterday. I was happy with the outcome. There was a lot of information presented that I still need to think over and make sure I have no questions. My Rainbows case worker and our clinical psychologist (Shani) came to the meeting too. They were my support. We now have a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) set in place. The BIP includes getting Deklan to a safe room - IR room (Special Ed room) or OT room, giving him a crunchy snack, a drink for rehydrating, and basically redirecting his attention. They are working on finding him a sensory alternative to hopefully help him self-regulate before his melt downs actually happen. Whatever they come up with, we'll also try to use in the home so that he'll have the same options at school and home and will know how to calm down when upset or frustrated. They are also going to get Deklan a day planner to carry with him at home and school. The teacher will have the next day's or even the week's schedule written in the book. We can show it to him and he can SEE what's supposed to happen for the day. We can also make changes in the planner and show it to him. Even if it is a spur of the moment thing we can write it down and show him what's going to happen and help him cope with the schedule change. It'll be something new for both of us. But it really sounds like something that could be very helpful. They are also going back to the picture schedules. We also talked about giving Deklan cards with pictures or words so he can still express his emotions when he hits his no talking/extremely frustrated mode. I've read about some kind of book for Autistic children that has pictures like this, but I don't remember what it is. If you know, please let me know. I'm going to try to find the information on the net. If anyone has tried this before, what's been your experience? They think maybe Deklan is having testing anxiety so they are going to try bringing him into one of the IR rooms for some of his testing to see if he's calmer. They are also going to take him into the IR room at the end of the day and go over his homework for the evening and his schedule for the rest of the day so he knows what to expect when he goes home. I'm thinking some positive thoughts and hoping this will help.

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mommy~dearest said...

Me again! OMG- aren't you sick of me commenting?

I don't know which book you're referring to, but I do have a suggestion for Deklan's sensory alternative for self-regulation. Since Jaysen struggles with this daily, I can say that it works about 50% of the time. That's better than no% though. :)

I think I got the idea from Cale at Spectrum Siblings. He basically said that instead of a pressure (or weighted) vest- to try a compression shirt from your local sporting goods store.

I went out and got one- it's lycra, so it's form fitting, and Jaysen really liked it. He'll even ask to wear his "huggy shirt". I have since gone out and bought 4 more.

Good luck!
And glad to hear the IEP went well!