Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Deklan's Day Planner

Deklan has a new day planner. The school provided it as part of his Behavioral Intervention Plan. It was actually his vision teacher that ordered it. I figured it would be big, but I wasn't expecting a 3-ring binder. He seems to likes it. We'll see if it helps.The print is much bigger because of his vision. And he writes really big so he needs the room.There are pages with holidays and dates already printed.
This is supposed to help communication between the teachers and me too. We can each put down any schedule changes that we have so that the other person can see - and Deklan won't be surprised by appointments or anything like that.


mommy~dearest said...

Sounds pretty cool! Does he carry it around with him throughout the day?

Marshella said...

In theory... yes, he's supposed to carry it around. In reality... he only changes classes for library (once a week), and for PE/Music once a day. So more than likely it stays in his classroom at his desk for the most part of the day. That was one of my concerns because it's so much bulkier than I thought it would be.