Monday, February 23, 2009

My new trick

Deklan hates baths. Well, he hates the idea of a bath and will fight to the bitter end not to get in the tub. Once in, we may not get him out. Deklan also hates to brush his teeth. I can't get within a foot of him with a toothbrush in my hand. A week or so ago I put Deklan in the shower with me as soon as he got out of bed. I washed his hair real quick and then got out. He really liked just standing there in the water. It was also easier to get him dressed when he got out. Guess he woke up in the shower. Same thing the next day... and the next... you get the idea. Then I had a flash of an idea. He likes the shower (even cried the one morning I told him he didn't have time for a shower - we made time). Why not let him brush his teeth in the shower? Brilliant. I get to spit in the tub? Cool! Ok, so he still won't let me help him his teeth, but at least the toothbrush is in his mouth!