Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yesterday was my 14th wedding anniversary. Yep, 14. And we're both still alive to tell about it. LOL!

How did we celebrate? Well, hubby had to work so us doing anything during the day was out. A normal couple would probably cuddle up, have a nice dinner, do something romantic even. We're not a normal couple. I didn't even see my husband for more than a few minutes before 7:30 p.m. and we were in bed (to sleep) by 9:30. Nothing romantic here. My younger daughter's Girl Scout troop prepared the Wednesday night meal for the church last night. The people enjoying the meal give a donation - the troop got to keep the donations, which is a great fundraiser and community service project. I took her immediately from school to an eye doctor's appointment and then straight to the church. We helped prepare and serve the meal. She helped clean up - I was going to but there were a lot of parents helping the girls so I sat and chatted. My husband did bring the other two kids up and eat dinner so I got to sit for about 5 minutes with him - he started before I did. Then he took Deklan and went home. I stayed so Hayleigh could help with clean up, Dakota went to class, then we went home. So romantic! HE-HE!

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