Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Holiday Catch Up

Let's start with Christmas break. It was good - didn't go ANYWHERE! Although the break didn't start out so well. 2 days before break Deklan got the flu. It took him over a week to get over it. Things got better though... The girls actually convinced us to open the "big" presents a week before Christmas. The kids went Christmas shopping and couldn't wait to hand them out. We figured since it was OUR Christmas we could celebrate it any day we wanted. So, we had two Christmases - opened presents that day and then gave the smaller presents on Christmas day. It was fun. The girls each got a cell phone for Christmas. No, the younger one really doesn't need it, nor does she really use it - except to tattle on big sis. We got them because they're affordable on my existing plan and I was tired of them using my phone to text their friends. That's mainly what they do, TEXT. I also have a family allowance option for minutes and can block any calls from evening until morning. That means they can't sneak the phone and still talk to their friends all night. Smart, huh?

Deklan got a "Kid's Tough Digital Camera" which he loved. Check out some of his excellent photography.

What did mommy get? I got socks from middle daughter, a beautiful Mom locket from oldest, and... ready? kisses and a Sonic Vanilla Coke from Deklan. I loved it all. From Hubby, you ask. A portable GPS Tom-Tom. I love it, love it, love it! I am the worst person in the world when it comes to directions. I cannot get the north/south thing down for the life of me. We live right between two interstates - 135 & 235. I get mixed up on which interstate to take just going to appointments. This Tom-Tom is excellent - it even gives directions in left/right talk, not north/south. Anyway, love it! Hubby got a memory card for his XBox 360 - it was expensive so all went in together for it. I got him a digital measuring device - which he'll probably never use because that requires work outside of work. Just kidding :) We still haven't had Christmas with my brother yet so there's still more to come. Yea!

Next came birthday parties. December 27th was the evening we celebrated both girls' birthdays. Unfortunately, it snowed like crazy that day so there weren't as many girls as we'd expected. BUT the girls had lots of fun. Oldest got her skull cake and Middle got her Tinkerbell cake.

The New Year was nothing special either... at least for me. Oldest might have a different point of view. She had her first kiss! WAAA! She's way too young for any kissing. I guess it was pretty innocent but she was still kind of excited. She went to a New Year's party at one of her best friend's. The friend's step brother decided he liked Oldest. At midnight he leaned over and kissed her for a Happy New Year. Innocent enough, I guess.

That's the quick holiday update. Hope everyone is having a great beginning to a new year.

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