Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's Cookie Time Again!

The Girl Scouts are selling cookies. Saturday was our first day of selling cookies here in our region. That means Friday night was our Cookie Kick-off. That's where we pack as many Girl Scouts, ages kindergarten through seniors, into a room and see who survives. Ok, not really. But we do get all the troops, as many as we can, from our region and have a cookie party, in essence. There are craft booths, choose your favorite cookie booth, sample our new cookie booth (Daisy Go Rounds this year), and practice your cookie pitch with pretend house doors booth. We also have a "Celebrity Chef" event. The local celebrities team with a local girl - usually a top seller from some of the troops - and they build a cookie cake with ingredients provided. Each celebrity has a different cookie that they build with. The girls' screams determine the winner. The kids get a lot of fun out of this event every year. I'm sure some adults do too. I don't think I'm one of them. Probably because I have Deklan with me. We spent nearly an hour just at the coloring page table so he could use every marker in the bucket on his picture. Ok, it wasn't really EVERY marker, but it sure felt like it. I also had to change him once and take him to the bathroom twice. By the time I got back to the chair, I was ready to sit. Hubby was there with me but he wasn't really much help until I told him it was his turn. Somehow his turn never lasts as long as mine. Oh well. On the plus side, I had the girls out before noon selling cookies. They already have over a 100 sold. Both girls are selling - separate sides of the road, so we're going to split the cookies this year so they each get a good chance of meeting their goals. They'll earn more credits when they do the booth sales. The credits can go either towards camp or the council shop - that's how they got their uniforms for this year was from their credits from last year.

Oldest daughter

Youngest daughter

Deklan and Daddy

Oldest and our troop - hers and mine as co-leader

Crowd pictures

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