Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Kids are so strange!

Hayleigh was walking down the hall - alone. My husband and I are sitting in the living room. All of sudden, we hear Hayliegh say, "My dog ate my homework!" Huh?! First of all, No, she didn't. Second of all, it's Christmas break - you have no homework! We just laughed.

When we left the library yesterday, Deklan took a bookmark. He read it to me: Make the rule (it looked like a ruler), don't do drugs. He says, "You should make that your rule." I said, "Yeah, I only do the prescription drugs the doctor tells me to take. It's ok to take the drugs that the doctor tells you to take." He said, "yes, but we won't do other drugs." "I said that's right, we won't do drugs like marijuana, heroine, or cocaine." He said, "Yes, we won't do the cola drugs." Oops - too late! I'm already addicted to Coke!

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