Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Don't want to go to school

So, Deklan is in his "I don't want to go to school" mode again. I think I'm one of the few that actually may dread the 3-day weekend. It's always tough to get him back into his school routine. Yesterday was bad. He almost wouldn't let me get him dressed - it was a struggle. He wouldn't let me put his shoes on him. He wouldn't put on his coat. He wouldn't get his back pack. And he wouldn't go out to the bus. I finally gave in and told him that if he would just get on the bus I would pick him up after school. I know - bribery is NOT a good thing. Sometimes it's the only way for me. In the meantime, while trying to pull him out the door while he's kicking and screaming, the dog gets out. She's a rat terrior and LOVES to run! We live in an apartment so we have no back fence. I thought I was going to be scraping dog off the road way. If I hadn't been so mad that Deklan was throwing a fit and even angrier that the dog got out, I probably would have been extremely scared. She nearly got hit 3 times - with the kids watching too. After the bus left, I got the dog into the house - again with bribery! - with a hot dog. I left the door open, broke up a hot dog, threw a piece to her, put the rest on the floor where she could see them and then I sat and waited. She sat at the open doorway and whined. Finally the pull of the food brought her in and I closed the door. Then I gave her a whipping and sent her to bed. She pretty much slumped around all morning because she knew I was mad. But back to not wanting to go to school. Deklan was literally in tears. I asked him what was going on that he didn't want to go. He said that his friends disappear when they're playing. I said you mean they don't want to play with you and leave? No, they play with me. But when we're playing we run and when they turn they disappear. So they run away from you? NO! They run but when I get to where they turned at then they've disappeared. Mommy's translation: 1. Deklan can't run as fast as his friends. Already aware of that. 2. His "friends" decide they don't want to play with Deklan and run away. Since he can't keep up, they go play with someone else. Mommy couldn't really say a whole lot - I just held him while he cried. But my heart was breaking for sure.

The psychologist met with Deklan's teacher on Friday last. I'm meeting with the psychologist this Friday to get a run down of what was discussed and any ideas she may have for us. One thing we've been working on is the potty training issue. We've worked really hard and he's doing better - not perfect, but better. Anyway, the teacher emailed me yesterday and said that the potty training was discussed with her. She and the nurse are going to work together to implement an incentive program with Deklan. For every day that there are no accidents Deklan will get a sticker on his chart. For a week's worth of stickers he'll get extra/special time at the end of the week. I think it sounds pretty good. Hopefully Deklan will continue to do well with the training.

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