Friday, September 26, 2008


We had two firsts in our family tonight.

Tonight was my oldest daughter's first school dance. Awww! She went with a friend and met other friends there. My camera isn't downloading so I can't upload any photos but she looked cute. It was school attire so the clothes were normal. But she did wear makeup. I painted her nails, put on eye shadow, mascara, and blush. She looked so mature. She was excited to tell me that she was "party boyed" which means that a boy came up and danced around her. Not just any boys though - two 8th grade boys - one while she was dancing and one while she was just standing with friends.

Tonight was my son's first friend sleepover at our house. Didn't go quite as well as oldest dance. Things were fine - until bedtime. The little boy lives upstairs and, from the sounds some nights, he doesn't have a real bedtime. There are nights we hear the kids upstairs jumping and running after midnight. I've called the mom several times and asked her to please tell the boys not to jump because we're going to bed or my kids are already in bed. Little boy said his bedtime was 11:30 and I told him not at my house. He wasn't thrilled but was ok while they were playing. At 9:30 I told the kids bedtime. At 9:35 little boy decided he was going home. Fine with me except it broke Deklan's heart. I walked little boy home and came home to find Deklan crying his eyes out in bed. I tried to console him. Problem is I get really upset when I can't console the kids - it hurts my heart when I don't know how to make it better. So hubby did a really good thing - he took Deklan out of my arms and held him for nearly 30 minutes. I told Deklan that he could stay up just a little longer and color a sheet if he wanted to. After sitting in daddy's lap crying he finally decided that maybe he could color for a few minutes. He was back in bed before 10:30 so it wasn't too horrible. But that little boy will not be invited to spend the night again that's for sure.

So that's our night of firsts.

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