Friday, September 12, 2008

Potatoes and corn

Last night we asked Deklan what we should have for dinner. We were thinking hamburgers. He thought we should have more to go with it. He chose to have hamburgers, hot dogs, mashed potatoes, and corn. Ok, we can do that. He actually ate one hamburger and one hot dog - holy cow! But he also ate potatoes and corn. Now the really big news... not only did he eat the potatoes and corn but he mixed them together and still ate them! Yeah! He ate something mixed that were two different colors. I was so excited. Daddy wasn't quite as excited but I just don't think he quite understood the significance.
I'm still excited.


Bobbi said...

That's great!

mommy~dearest said...

That is exciting!!!
And for the record, I don't think Dad's ever really get the magnitude of these things...

Yay Deklan!