Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yesterday we went to my brother's for dinner. They were having a barbecue. My brother told oldest daughter to get a lawn chair out of the back of the car - a cougar.
So Uncle said, "Kodi get a chair out of the Cougar."
Deklan came up to me and said, "Why is there a chair in the cooler?"

On the way home I was talking, using my fingers for punctuation. I used my finger and made a circle in the air. Oldest daughter started laughing and said that I made the "shape of a butt" with my finger. Ha, ha - ok. Later Deklan called Nana to tell her about dinner at Uncle's. When he was done he gave me the phone to talk to mom.
She said, "So... Deklan told me you shave your butt."

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