Sunday, October 5, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I know I haven't blogged lately. I want to blog but then I get really busy and don' get around to it. Deklan says stuff and then I can't remember the good stuff when I want to blog either.

My schedule completely consists of nothing but kid stuff. I spend evenings doing Girl Scout activities, Boy Scout activities, PTA activities. During the day it's doctor appointments and case worker appointments. For example, my week this week consists of... Monday: P/T conference for youngest daughter, volunteering at youngest daughter's school for the book fair, Turning in fundraiser information to Scout leader for youngest daughter, and Girl Scout meeting for youngest daughter. Tuesday: P/T conference for Deklan, volunteering at Deklan's school for the book fair, Scout meeting for oldest daughter (I'm co-leader), Scout service unit meeting (I'm secretary and fall sales manager), Boy Scout meeting for Deklan. Wednesday: Behavioral therapy appointments for both daughters, Scout leadership training for me. Thursday: Wow! I'm free today - so far - oh wait, the kids are out of school today because of P/T conferences. Friday: Kids out of school today too, Service unit sales orders due to me from the other 17 troops so I can enter them in the computer, Boy Scout overnight - which daddy will hopefully do instead of me. Saturday: Still entering sales orders in computer and Scout Leaders overnight - includes more training and not all fun and games. Somewhere I fit in cleaning house, laundry, sewing on patches for uniforms, and grocery shopping. There is also football concessions at the middle school where I'm VP of PTA. I'm supposed to get volunteers to handle the concessions but it's really hard when the volunteers don't really want to volunteer. So I've been having the pleasure of working concessions in a hot, mosquito infested building with people I don't know.

Last week Deklan and I went to the BASIS meeting with the county developmental disability organization. We will have a case manager within 10 business days. Yeah! I'm not sure what that means but it's good news.

Friday night Deklan's Boy Scout troop helped with the flag at the high school football game. Actually the VFA (is that right?) put the flag up and all the little boys saluted while the anthem played. Deklan was so good - I even got a little teary.

I'll write more this week - I promise.

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Bobbi said...

Wow, just reading that makes me tired. WTG Deklan! Sounds like you are a busy busy woman!