Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall Festival

Last Saturday was our town's fall festival. We went to the parade in the morning. Actually we were all part of the parade - two Girl Scouts and a Boy Scout. The girls were both in the parade last year. This was Deklan's first year. Since I'm a leader this year, I rode the float our troop decorated. Originally Deklan was going to walk with our co-leader's husband or ride on the float with me. Instead we found out he could ride the Boy Scout float and that excited him. When the parade was over I asked him if he had fun.

His response, "I had to sit on a bale of hay with the sun shining, I couldn't do anything, and it was HOT!"

"So, did you have fun?"

"It'll be better next year."

O... K... then.

Later that evening we went to the festival carnival in town. I was walking with Deklan when he stopped and looked at the sky. It was a very nice evening. But the sky was dark.

He said, "The sky must be busy tonight."

"The sky is busy? Why do you say that?"

"Because there's no stars and you can't see the moon either."

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