Monday, August 4, 2008

What a strange child

We have a neighbor kid who is still learning how to knock. He sometimes just lets himself into our house on his own. He's kind of funny actually. He has a speech problem so it's sometimes hard to understand what he's saying but that's not what makes him funny. One day he came into the house and just sat down. My hubby was playing the Playstation or one of the consoles and I wasn't home. Neighbor sits down; hubby thinks Deklan is coming in from outside to play so he doesn't say anything but thinks it's kind of strange. After awhile he realizes Deklan has been in his room for the past 20 minutes and not even playing with the neighbor. Hubby finally asks the neighbor what he's doing and he says just watching. Hubby finally asked neighbor to leave since Deklan didn't want to play right then.

A couple days ago the same neighbor boy came to the door and asked hubby if he could play inside. Hubby said Deklan didn't want to play. Neighbor said that was ok but could he come in and play with his (his own) cards anyway. Hubby was like NO.

Today neighbor boy comes to the door. Oldest daughter tells him Deklan doesn't want to play. Neighbor says, "Can I come in?" Daughter says, "No, Deklan doesn't want to play." Neighbor says, "I know but can I come in?" Daughter says, "No." Neighbor says, "Well, I'll ask my mom and she'll say I can come in." Daughter says, "Well it's my house." Neighbor says, "So if my mom says I can play inside then I can." Daughter says, "Whatever." He didn't come back this afternoon.

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