Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Imaginary Pets

Deklan has imaginary pets. The most popular is Barky the dog - also Deklan's alter ego at times. Then there is Xing Xing and Li Li - both dogs. Kitty the cat - self explanatory. These are the ones he plays with most often.

Yesterday while at the mall - yes we went to the mall - amazingly the dogs caught up with us. Deklan was a little concerned because his dogs were thirsty and we didn't have anything to drink. I asked him if, since they're imaginary, we could give them imaginary water. That would have been fine except, he forgot the imaginary water.

Today we met new pets... Liony the lion, Ollie the Octopus, and Horsey the horse. Liony met up with us at the eye doctor's. Ollie and Horsey on the way home. The funniest was when we met Ollie. Deklan said, "Oh no... Ollie the Octopus just inked that truck." Playing along I said, "I saw that, yuck. Tell Ollie not to ink my van." "Well he only inked the truck because all this traffic scares him." I told him that Ollie could get in the car and I would take him home. Only Ollie decided to ride on the top of the van instead. I told Deklan again to tell Ollie not to ink my van. Deklan said, "Well... he didn't ink your van, he peed on it." My oldest pointed out while laughing hysterically that I told him not to ink my van - not pee on it. Thank goodness Horsey just ran along side of us - no telling what he would have done!

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