Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hand-ball sandwich

We went to a Wingnuts game last night. (Wingnuts is professional baseball in Wichita, Kansas.) My Girl Scout co-leader got free tickets through her company and was able to get enough tickets for each of our Girl Scouts and their families. That was nice.

It was kind of fun. There were several characters there - Spinner the Squirrel (mascot), Diego, Bat Man (the "bat" boy), a pirate. Deklan especially like Bat Man because Deklan had brought his stuffed dog - Ace the Bat Dog, Batman's dog from the cartoon Krypto. Yes, Deklan had to bring Bat Dog - in case the fireworks were too much and he needed something to squeeze. (I swear those were his words.)

Deklan did very well. He didn't sit still or pay attention much to the game, but did well all the same - no meltdowns or freak outs. I would tell him about different things of the game - our team is up to bat, oh he missed and got a strike, he made it to second, we're pitching now, etc. At one point I said that our team was pitching.

Deklan said "I'm a good pitcher."
I said, "Really?"
"Yes. I know how to pitch. You put your right hand out, put the ball in your right hand, put the left hand on top - like a hand-ball sandwich."
"What if you're left handed? Can you put your left hand out first and the right hand on top?"
"No - it doesn't work that way."

Sorry lefties - you apparently are not allowed to be pitchers.

Anyway, when the fireworks started Deklan was sitting between hubby and me. Deklan leaned over and said, "Bat Dog needs to see this. Can you get him out of the bag to watch?"
Well I sure wouldn't want to stand in the way of Bat Dog seeing such a beautiful display of fireworks.

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