Saturday, August 16, 2008

School started back on Wednesday. The kids were actually excited. Oldest is in middle school so she gets to ride the bus with the high schoolers. Yippee. As my neighbor pointed out, our girls (they're both middlers) are going to receive way too much "education" before the end of school. Middle daughter is in 4th. She goes to upper elementary - 4th & 5th grades. She was placed in the class with her best friend. That was exciting. Deklan started 1st grade. He goes full day and I'm a nervous wreck. I keep wanting to email his teachers during the day just to see how he's doing. Instead I emailed today so they can respond on Monday. I say they because he actually has one teacher - Ms. Gen Ed - and then another for special services - Ms. Special Ed. I left messages for both, asking the same questions. I want to compare answers and see what's going on.

I asked Deklan if he got to play with Kevin - his friend from last year that we still have play dates with but is in a different class this year.

He said, "No, but this weird girl kept catching me and taking me to the swings. She doesn't get just one girl to help her, she gets like 14! But I escaped and she came back to get me."
I asked him who the girl was.
He said, "I don't know. She went to Head Start with me."
Oh my goodness! I know which girl he's talking about.
I asked, "Was it S?"
Then he asked me, "So what should I do?"
I told him to tell her that he doesn't like that game so please don't do that.
He said, "No, I don't like HER, not the game."

O..K.. Not sure what to say to that.

To his credit, she really is a weird little girl.

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Bobbi said...

Yay to school starting! Can you belive they pushed my daughters school back a week because of renovations. Yikes! Sorry your daughter has to ride with the high schoolers, that stinks. Look out for weird girls, lol.