Friday, February 8, 2008

You can see by my bio that I have three children.

My oldest is Dakota. She is 11, going on 25. (Although some days I have to wonder if she isn't regressing back to toddlerhood.) She is a prissy, wanna be rock star who has a mind of her own. She's always right and rarely admits she's wrong. She is sensitive and will cry at the drop of a hat. She likes people to think that she is more mature than she actually is. She is also, I believe, her Aunt and Uncle's favorite neice.

My second daughter is Hayleigh. She is 9. She is the mother hen of the family. She really likes to be in the middle of things. I believe it's just so that she can be the first to see what's going on. She can be very helpful when she's in a sweet mood. Unfortunately, she's extremely jealous. Hopefully she'll grow out of that jealousy. Hayleigh is such a tomboy. Just don't tell her that. She tries to be a girly-girl like her sister but really she's not. She loves to be outside, rough house, run around like a crazy person (no offense to the crazy people out there - life would be so boring without them); and she likes to bug her siblings so much.

My son, and the baby of the family, is Deklan. He is 5. Deklan is high-functioning autistic. He is such a boy. (Yes, a Mama's boy too.) He loves to rough house and run around like another crazy person. Deklan's alter ego is Barky the dog. Barky likes to run around on all four "paws" and eat out of his plate like a real dog. He also likes to sniff (and, unfortunately, lick) your face and hair. He can have a meltdown at the drop of a hat, too. And, for some reason, he believes that Mommy is the only one that understands him or can listen to him (he whispers in my ear). He's also pretty intelligent for a little guy. He can navigate the computer pretty well, too.

I also believe that God gave us children so that we have something to laugh about every day. Feel free to post any cute or amusing stories that you have about your children - or your friends' children.

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