Saturday, February 9, 2008

My son told me this morning that he loves me - even if I do look like a bowling ball!

The kids were arguing this morning and I told them to just go ahead and smack each other around and get it over with. I was joking of course. Dakota pretended to smack Deklan and said, "Ok Deklan now you smack me." He said, "No, I wouldn't smack you even if you didn't have bad breath."

We were watching Hayleigh play Playstation 2 Looney Tunes racing game. Unfortunately she's not that good at it and kept running into the wall. Deklan said, "You know I remember things and they play in my head like a record player. Right now the record is saying, 'Hayleigh is not a good driver'."

Daddy and Deklan were having a debate about the amount of seeds in an orange; Deklan was convinced there were only 2 seeds in every orange. He finally looked at daddy and said, "What do you have to do with the price of tea in China?"

Deklan and daddy (Chuck) were involved in playful banter about what we were having for dinner. After being unsuccessful in changing daddy's mind, Deklan said, "I would like a word with Charles please."

Several months ago I was looking at a picture of a dog someone had emailed me. We had just finished dinner and, since I'm one of the most disorganized mothers ever, we were eating in the living room. Deklan got up and went to the other room. Believing him to be finished, I asked Hayleigh to please take Deklan's plate to the kitchen with hers. When Deklan came back - apparently just being in the bathroom and not finished with his dinner - he asked where his plate was. My mind being on the dog, I told him the dog took it. Without missing a beat he yells, "Hayleigh!".

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mommy~dearest said...

Awesome post! You have me laughing so hard, my coworkers are staring.