Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So, we were in the car the other evening and my oldest daughter was shaking her head in the "head banging" kind of way. Deklan says, "Kodi is going to bang her brains out. Oh wait, it's too late... she doesn't have any brains." This is my 5-year old slamming my 11-year old!

I was trying to be serious and tell my son to quit doing whatever it was he was doing at the time. So here I am being the Mom and saying now look you have to knock that off. Well, my son being the comedian that he is starts moving his mouth and pretend mimicking me. It looked like he was saying the same thing I was about a split second before I actually said it. So either he's heard the speech before (go figure!) or else he's just really good at pretending. I was trying very hard not to laugh but my husband was sitting behind me laughing his head off. Needless to say I just let Deklan go back to playing and never did finish what I was trying to say.

Sunday evening my family was preparing to watch a movie. Being a mom, I multi-task quite often. That includes carrying on conversations with everyone at once - of course that confuses everyone but me. Anyway, I answered three questions and my husband wanted to know who I was talking to. I said I can multi-task and can hear and answer more than one person at a time. Deklan pipes up and says, "Yeah, I can hear 99 people at one time." Teasing him I said, "Of course half of them are in your head right?" He says, "Well I can hear 99 in my head... but what's one more or two? I guess I can hear 101 people at one time."

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