Sunday, February 24, 2008

This may be a you had to be there moment but...
We were trying to deliver Girl Scout cookies and there were a couple we just kept missing. I asked Dakota to call one of her ladies and ask her when a good time would be to deliver her cookies. At the end of the phone conversation Dakota said, "Ok.. love you, bye." This was the funniest moment of the day. My husband and I laughed so hard. Fortunately for Dakota the lady apparently didn't hear her or just didn't comment when we delivered the cookies.

The second funniest moment of the day was also provided by Dakota. After attempting to deliver cookies to a man who wasn't home, I asked Dakota to call and leave a message. When she called the man answered the phone. Poor man. The conversation started like this...
Man, "Hello?"
Dakota, "Are you home?"
Man, "Excuse me?"
Dakota, "Are you home now?"
Somewhere during this I was desperately trying to get her to tell the man who she was and why she was calling. Again it was probably a you have to be there moment but I laughed like crazy.

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