Monday, December 15, 2008

Really good meeting

Friday was great! We had a meeting with a psychologist from the WSU psychology clinic. Her name is Shani and she is great. She just observed Deklan while she and I talked. She completely understood. She knows what we need and how to get it. She knows that the case worker has resources that she's not sharing with me. Shani knows because she works with the organization that my case worker is referred from. Shani is one of those that does the evaluations of the children to see if they are eligible for services through the organization. She did not do Deklan's evaluation because we went through KU Medical Center in Kansas City. Anyway, she's going to get some things together, contact some people and see what she can get going for us. She says we need in-home resources. For example, I have a hard time getting Deklan to follow through with the hygiene stuff. He refuses to brush his teeth, comb his hair, and taking a bath is like pulling teeth. After awhile I get overwhelmed and exhausted just trying to get him to do these. So that's one thing that she wants to work on. Another thing is getting Deklan completely potty trained. She apparantly knows how we can work on this. There are several other things that she saw a need for and she knows how to get the resources for them! I think I'm babbling but I'm really happy.

Onto a different matter. While we were at the meeting Deklan brought up the subject of his playground. Apparantly there are a lot of trees/woods behind his playground. There is a fence to keep the students in the yard. Deklan is convinced that they are haunted. He's "seen" things. He went into complete detail with Shani - things I'd never heard him talk about. I knew he thought they were haunted; he's "seen" a stick move and no one around; he believes no animals live in the tree area. However, while talking on Friday he went into way more detail than that. Including a Demon Hunt club that he and a couple of others have formed. He's seen a black and white shadow floating through the trees. He's seen writing on the board in the classroom when the teacher hasn't been there. There were other things but I don't remember everything - I was just so blown away. Later, he looked up and said, "When I look at people I see demon faces." Shani asked if he saw a demon face when he looked at her. He said, "Well I don't always see them." I'm not sure what to do with him. I do have a plan of taking him back to the school and into the trees so he can see what's really back there. I just have wait for it to get warmer. We were too busy on Saturday and it was way too cold yesterday. Today it's only supposed to get to 20 degrees and it was 4 degrees when the kids went to school.

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mommy~dearest said...

SO awesome to hear the meeting went well! I'm so happy for you guys.

As far as the "demon faces", I wouldn't freak out yet. From my experiences, my son has made up incredulous stories- totally detailed and 100% untrue. It's a way for him to talk things out. Sometimes it's to deal with stressful situations, sometimes it's to sort things out in his head, and others, it's to grasp an understanding of something. See if he'll talk to you about it- but don't approach him in a way that he may feel like he's going to get in trouble. Deklan has a lot more language than Jaysen, and Jaysen shuts down really easily when confronted. Maybe he'll be able to give you some insight as to what he means?