Monday, June 23, 2008

Well, we're off again bright and early tomorrow morning. One more GS camp this summer and then we're off to Colorado for a couple weeks visiting family and friends.

Just one before I go though.

This morning I was approaching an intersection in which I had the right of way. There was a car approaching a stop sign too fast on my right and I said, "you better stop buddy."
Deklan said, "I think some people don't know it's the law to stop."
I said, "Where'd you get so smart?"
He said, "Well I have memory stuff in my brain. I got a shirt in my brain and a house in my brain. Every time I buy something then that memory stuff goes to my brain. But when I sleep the people in my brain are not in there. The people in my brain have a store in there too. Sometimes when I'm sleeping the people go there."

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