Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our new puppy is a female Rat Terrior, just about 6 or so weeks old. We were trying to name the puppy. There were quite a few suggestions. Some were serious... Quinn, Riley, Lilly. Some were funny... Knucklehead (my personal favorite), Puppy, Nippy (because she bites). Deklan suggested Chocolate-Vanilla Swirl and Vanilla Swirl with Caramel and Chocolate. I told him they were too long for the name tag. Then Michealla, one of my "nieces" from Colorado, suggested "Poopie Head". Deklan piped up with, "No, that's a boy's name!" Sorry, didn't realize Poopie Head had a gender.

When Quinn was suggested, Deklan thought that was great. He said, "yeah, let's name her Quinn. That way when she goes nuts we can call her..."
Are you ready for this?

(For those of you that don't get it... Insane!)

While at Mom's, Mom said she'd cook hamburgers when we got home after a day of errands. I said, "Mmmm with cheese, ketchup, and pickle relish." Michealla said, "Relish is made from pickles?"

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mommy~dearest said...

QuinnSane...I love it! What a cutie pie she is.

OMG Deklan cracks me up.
We have a flame-point Ragdoll cat, that Jaysen wanted to name Triscuit ('cuz he's "burnt" around the edges), but he couldn't remember Triscuit, so he changed his name to Tiki. Except he calls him Tikki (Like Rikki Tikki?). We've had the cat for a year, and I'm still not sure what his name is.