Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thursday was rough. I should have been home cleaning and getting ready for my two extra girls that I'm going to have for the month. Which is what I had planned to do - right after I ran a couple of errands. After not being home for a week and a half, I needed to get a few groceries. My husband can survive on Top Raman and Pot Pies. The kids and I can survive on cereal and frozen pizza. So, I needed milk and a few other things that can be made up quickly. Unfortunately, I also had the bad sense to decide that we should run out to grab some burgers before continuing with errands. I hate it when I try to be a fun mom and everything blows up in my face.

We went to McDonald's - kids' favorite place. Deklan decided he wanted Wendy's to eat. Actually he just wanted to go through Wendy's drive-thru but play at McDonald's. Of course he didn't decide this until I had already ordered our food. Then he started the melt down in the middle of McDonald's. He tried not to scream but started to pull on me. When Kodi tried to help he started screaming. I had the girls stay for the food while I went outside with Deklan. I couldn't get him to talk or look at me. He just kept saying Wendy's! I told him I'd get the girls and the food and we'd go. No, he wanted me to throw the food away and leave. NO WAY! I was not going to throw the food away. The girls finally came out but Deklan was not going to get into the van. He screamed and kicked. The people in the restaurant - going in and coming out - just looked at us like I was a horrible mom and Deklan was a horrible little boy. After, I don't know, maybe 1/2 hour-45 minutes he decided we should eat at McDonald's and reorder our food. Again, NO WAY! I still had the food. I didn't have the drinks because I just couldn't keep Deklan from grabbing them and spilling them. I thought his sisters were going to strangle him. We were out there for over an hour. I did get him settled down enough that he let me hold him but he still cried and screamed - he just quit kicking. I was tempted to call his dad from work to come help me, but I knew that wasn't really a realistic solution. Finally we basically shoved him into the car - Hayleigh held him while I pulled out. I felt awful. Unfortunately, I still had errands to run. I didn't have any groceries - not even pop or juice or milk. I stopped at the one store and he stood in the parking lot screaming about going back to McDonald's for 5 minutes. I finally just kept walking and he came along. He threw a fit for just a minute longer until he got to the pop isle. I drink Coke. The new 2-liter bottles have the olympics symbols and some colors. He stopped because he was fascinated by the bottles. When we left that store, I still had to go to Super Wal-Mart our grocery store of choice due to one-stop shopping when necessary. He was much better in that store. By the time we got home I was exhausted. I didn't want to do anything but cry. I didn't of course because that would just be senseless. Needless to say, nothing got cleaned up in the house either.

Thursday night it stormed. Actually we went to the store and got my daughter a tracfone that was on sale. I'm stupid - I should have just added her to our monthly plan; it probably would have been cheaper in the long run. Anyway, then we went to the t-mobile store because I wanted to get on a text messaging plan and upgrade my phone. As soon as we stopped it started pouring down rain. And the rain was cold! It was kind of fun running through the rain though. BTW I got a red Blackberry Pearl. It's kind of cool - a lot different than my regular little flip phone. Thank goodness that I had credit on my account or the phone would have cost me over $250.

Friday was good. Hubby was able to get the day off to go with us. We went to Hays, Ks to pick my "extra" girls. We had lunch with the kids and their mom. The kids were making up jokes and we were laughing and having a good time. Deklan sat at the end next to daddy and the other mom. He was so good. The older of the two girls, Michealla, is 14. Camrie is 9. Deklan has taken to Michealla so well. He already knew her - we're practically family anyway - but she is so good with him and he loves her.

Yesterday was spent at garage sales with the kids. We just had a really fun time.


Bobbi said...

Sorry about the meltdown at McDonalds. That must have been a hard one. I'm glad the rest of the days turned out better for you. All those errands really wear people out. Especially when you run them with kids, whew! When we go to the mall, Parker always wants to stop at the arcade and he wants to buy a book. That can't always happen and when it doesn't, he has a very nice meltdown.

mommy~dearest said...

Wow! That's quite the week! I'll admit to the ol' "shove 'em in the car cuz nothing else is working" tactic with my son too. ;)