Thursday, April 10, 2008

Well we woke up in melt down mode this morning. Deklan was up within minutes of the girls going out to the bus. He came in and looked at me, closed his eyes and refused to talk. I tried to get him to lay back down or let me hold him and watch cartoons but he just started screaming. I have no idea what's wrong. It's been 15 minutes now and he's still crying and screaming. He's tired because he keeps yawning but he still won't talk. This is frustrating.

Ok - we're better now. The screaming went on for about another 10 minutes. Every time I would try to talk to him, he just screamed louder. I tried ignoring him but that didn't help either. Finally with a little prayer for patience I went to him (he was lying in the middle of the hall) and asked him if he wanted to come with me in the living room. He finally took my hand and went to the chair. After that, he was just fine. He watched cartoons while he ate breakfast then he went and started doing artwork. I still don't know what was wrong. He just left on the bus for school and all is quiet in my little world right now. I think I'll enjoy that peace for awhile. :)


Anonymous said...

I also thank goodness for these quiet times just after the kids go off to school.We need them to recharge for the next adventure:)

mollyalexis said...

Sometimes I think they just need to let it all out. Parker throws fits for seemily no reason at all. Sometimes though it's my cue that he may be getting sick.