Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It was an extremely rough afternoon. I was detoured through the subdivision by our apartments this afternoon. I noticed that someone had put out a box of books for the trash. Being cheap, and loving books, and not above going through someone else's trash I might add, I stopped to browse the books. Anyway, I found a book that my daughter likes (Wishbone) and a kid's book about trains. I was pretty sure that my son would like the train book. I was Wrong!! He took a look at it and decided he didn't want the book. That was fine with me. However, he also decided that we had to return the book immediately. He didn't just want to return the book but also pick a different book. Remember it was trash day so finding the house after the trash was removed would have been impossible even if I was going to return it. I told him where I got the book. He first wanted to go to the house. When I told him that it was trash day and the books would already have been picked up, he insisted we go to the dump. I have never seen him quite like I did today. I'm used to the screaming. Today he screamed; he climbed up on me; he swung his fist at my arms and tummy; he tried to bite me - I caught his mouth just in time; he put his hands over my mouth when I tried telling him no; I removed him to his room and he immediately grabbed my legs nearly tripping me and then he crawled into the hall; he grabbed my computer chair (while I anchored myself with my feet) and moved me around. I've never seen him so violent. I just wanted to cry - and did when my husband came home from work. Is this what I'm going to have to deal with? Is this normal for a child on the spectrum?

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Bobbi said...

I don't know if it's normal or not, but my son can get really worked up over something he wants. He is a book fanatic too. It might just have been a one time thing. I'm sorry it really upset you. I would have me too.