Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Well we made it back Sunday afternoon from the funeral. The family seems to be dealing pretty well with the loss.

While in Colorado my daughter's glasses broke. We're not talking about a lens falling out or losing a screw. No, these glasses broke right down the center of the nose piece so that her glasses were literally split in half. She had cataracts as a newborn and had her lenses removed at a few weeks old. So, because they broke on Saturday and we didn't get home until Sunday, my little girl had to go practically blind for nearly 2 days. I felt bad for her but she adjusted and coped really well. She wore an older pair (I think they were actually Deklan's but their prescriptions are fairly close) Sunday afternoon and yesterday to school. I took her this morning to the eye doctor - she has to go through the eye doctor's office because of the prescription of her lenses. Amazingly, they had an identical pair in stock and were able to switch the lenses straight across without sending them out to a lab for 3 weeks. Thank God.


Bobbi said...

Wow, that doesn't sound like a good weekend. I'm glad you are home and things are better.

Anonymous said...

having a pair of glasses on site with the same prescription was really a blessing wow!