Monday, April 7, 2008

OK - I know it's Autism awareness month but really I just want to talk instead. Not a lot to say but that's what I want to do today - just talk to anyone who wants to listen - well, read.

My oldest daughter got an iPod for Christmas from her aunt and uncle. I did not realize how interested in it my two youngest would be. It's really amazing how even my 5-yr old can get so interested in it and navigate as well as my 11-yr old. I guess I really shouldn't be amazed by now but he still takes me by surprise almost everyday. Anyway, we got our fed refund back. After paying off all our bills (a couple of credit card bills and got ahead on some monthly bills), we decided to spoil the kids some and bought the 2 youngest iPod Nanos (and a $30 iTunes card for my oldest so she wouldn't feel abused or left out). I can't tell you how wonderful it is!! We had errands to run yesterday and we had NO meltdowns the whole time we were out. I downloaded some songs and a few cartoons (Spider-man & Scooby-Doo specifically) for him to listen to & watch on his iPod. He was so good and so inthralled with those that he didn't even mind going in the store or staying in the van that long.

Saturday morning Deklan tells me, "Mommy, when you die you'll still be in my heart. I'll visit your grave every Sunday and Saturday." I'm sure some are thinking How Sweet. I'm just thinking, Why is my son thinking about death? He's only 5. And my death specifically? :) Actually I'm sure he only thinks about it because when we go to my Mom's in Oklahoma we always visit my Dad's and brother's graves once while we're in town. He never met them personally - my dad passed away while I was 5 months pregnant with Deklan and my brother 14 months before that - but he hears about them all the time.

To mollyalexis... Thanks for inquiring about us. The kids have been fine. Friday was filled with running errands and doctor's appointments along with trying to download to the new iPods and I didn't get to even think, much less write. Then Saturday was even worse. I promised the kids that I would take them to McDonald's on Saturday - one of the few left with the playplace inside. Saturday night was fun night at my kids' school.
Sidebar here: I was asked to be a room parent for my son's class. I made the mistake of saying, "well if you can't find anyone else I guess I could do it." Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Unless you really want to do something.. don't EVER say if you can't find anyone else... Don't get me wrong. I love to volunteer or participate when needed. I just really don't like being in charge and responsible - I'm just not creative enough to keep the kids entertained at parties or plan special things for the kids and teacher. And I'm not a salesperson so getting people to volunteer is really hard. I mean people want everything for their kids but nobody cares enough to volunteer or help out - that's someone else's job I guess. Anyway back on track, since I'm one of the room parents (the other made the same mistake I did) I ended up pulling an hour and half at one booth because we had NO volunteers to help. The other mom had to do the 2nd 1/2 - I think she ended up with one mom volunteering a 1/2 hour at the beginning of her shift. Yesterday I woke up with a headache which finally came to a full blown migraine last night. By the time I was able to lie down without feeling like throwing up it was close to 3 am. Since I had to get up before 7 to get the girls ready for school and then Deklan was up by the time they left for the bus, I'm running on only a few hours sleep. I woke up with only a small headache hangover. Of course it's beginning to pound a little right now. Again, thank you iPod because Deklan has been thoroughly entertained all morning. His sister has a speaker that works with the iPod so you can listen without the headphones. He just got out of a bath that lasted an hour and 15 minutes. (Don't worry moms - I checked the water a couple of times and it stayed warm.) Anyway it was nice - again no meltdowns getting in or out of the tub. He even let me wash his hair and body without screaming because he was listening to the music. He goes to school in about 20 minutes and I'm going to take a long nap and hope this stupid headache goes away.

Well, I guess I had more to say than I thought.

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mollyalexis said...

Wow, sounds like a great investment. Are they really pricey? Are they easy to download things on? I didn't know you could play a movie on them. I want one now! I'm glad everything is fine and you were just busy.