Saturday, May 30, 2009

No good news

Ok... so I was excited because I thought that we were going to buy a very nice mobile home. It was 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, with a small yard. It was really nice inside too. I went to the bank where the guy has his loan... the loan officer was very rude... told me they did not want to do loans for a mobile home and, therefore, my interest rate would be 14.4%... then he pulled my credit history and said no way! I was only asking for a loan up to $13,000 and I know from a previous check that I should have been approved for a LOT more than that! Anyway, blah, blah, the guy was reluctant to carry the loan - even though he said it wouldn't be a problem and he was going to just let me make payments (rent to own). Ok... so I told him I wanted to sign the papers and be in by the end of the month. No problem! he said. School let out last Thursday (21st) and I told him I'd be out of town for a few days - went to see Mom. We came back Wednesday evening, Hayleigh had her eye surgery Thursday, and I called him on Friday.

He said: "Oh, I've been trying to call you."
I said: "Really? I didn't get any voice mails from you."
He said: "No, I just got the voice mail, but didn't leave a message."
I said: "Oh, well I told you I would be out of town for a few days."
He said: "Oh yeah, well, I sold the trailer. A guy came and bought it and he's moving it off the lot."
I said: "HUH?!"

I've already paid my deposit for the lot because I was told that I had to do that before he could rent it to me. Now, I doubt I'll get my deposit back because she's going to be pissed off that he's moving the trailer off the lot. I'm just in shock, I guess. Anyway, now it's the end of the month and I don't have anywhere to go. I've put a call into a realtor and lender to see how much I can get approved for and we're just going to buy a house.

Ok... so we only had until the end of the month with our friends. Now I'm trying to find a place to go. So... we're going to camp out! Yep, camp out. Actually, we'll camp for a couple of days and cabin the other days. Monday night: tent; Tuesday-Thursday: cabin; Friday-Saturday: Oklahoma Girl Scout family camp; Sunday: tent; Monday-Thursday: cabin. Hopefully by then we'll have someplace to at least rent for a few months until we can buy. I'll have to find a kennel for Riley for the weekend we're in Oklahoma, but the rest of the time she can camp with us.

A lot of people would be down by now. Ok... I've been really down... but you know what? It really could be worse. At least Chuck still has a job with a paycheck and both our vehicles are still running. I even sucked up my pride and called my brother... I know that my family (minus the pup) can always crash there if we need to. Is it bad that I would rather camp out than stay at my brother's? He and I get along ok. It's just that he thinks that we're losers and this just adds wood to that fire. I can't take the pup because she's a puppy, and hyper, and likes to bark, and likes to nip when she plays, and his dog is nearly 12 years old and blind. The two just would not mix well.

On the bright side... I got to see my mom last week. It was short but great. Chuck even got the week off so he could go too and so he could be there for Hayleigh's surgery. It's actually been kind of nice to have him around during the day. Wow! can't believe I just said that. LOL. He's also taking next weekend off to go to the family camp in Oklahoma with us.

Kodi has her first camp starting Monday and coming home on Wednesday. It's called camp cook. Maybe she'll learn how to cook for us while we're doing all the camping out. :) Her next camp will be Tennis camp July 20-23. She really wants to play tennis next year in 7th grade so this will be a little training practice for her. Hayleigh goes to her first camp on the 22nd. It's a week long - day camp on Monday-Wednesday and overnight on Thursday to end on Friday. It's a pedals and paddle camp - biking and canoeing. It should be fun for her. The next camp she goes to is an overnight camp July 8 through the 10. It's a CSI camp. I wish I was going to that one - they'll learn some forensics stuff. It should be cool. Deklan is supposed to take an art course this summer July 7-30 for one hour a day - if he doesn't freak out into meltdown mode and not go. Our summer of camping will end on July 31/August 1 with an overnight at the mall (Mall Madness).

See? It's not all bad. :)

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