Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another first

Deklan had his first camp out last night. It was a Boy Scout camp out and his daddy took him. Deklan wasn't sure he really wanted to go. It was only about 30 minutes from the house so I told him if he decided not to spend the night that they could come home. Daddy agreed. I also tried to tell Deklan that he might enjoy it. He could see some wildlife or watch the Scout Master cook on an open fire, or they might have some really good stories to tell. Daddy and I finally convinced him to go - at least for a little while. No problem - he loved it. They came in around 8 this morning. The first thing out of his mouth was, "It was great!" Daddy said Deklan was really hyper last night and couldn't settle down. I told him he was just really excited and in sensory overload with so much going on. Daddy just laughed and said there was definitely a sensory overload then!

I actually got to spend the evening with my friends and then have the whole house to myself until the boys came home this morning. My oldest had a sleepover planned. My youngest daughter was going to go to a good friend's house while I played Bunko with the friend's mom and some of our other mutual friends. Oldest's plans fell through - her friend got grounded four hours before the scheduled sleepover. She was so upset; I felt so bad for her. So I called my friend's dad that was watching youngest daughter and asked if it would be ok if oldest came over too. He has girls both my girls' ages. It worked out wonderfully. When we got back from playing Bunko it was decided that the girls would just spend the night. OK Now what do I do with a house and dog all to myself? Just the usual. Computer, a little TV, reading, and bedtime around 1:30. It was just so quiet. Bunko, for those of you who have never played it, is really a fun little dice game. There were 12 players, split into tables of 4. At points in the game you switch partners and tables so you get a lot of interaction. We laughed so hard - I don't think I've had that much adult fun in ages. I've laughed hard with the kids and hubby but this was "girl" fun. I really enjoyed it. Hope they call me again to play.

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