Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We were on spring break last week. We went to Oklahoma to visit Nana (my mom). There were a lot of funny moments but, of course, I don't remember enough to write them down right now.

I can remember one about Hayleigh though. Hayleigh is 9. My mom has these GIANT spoon and fork set that hangs on the wall. Some sort of decoration that my dad brought home years ago. Deklan - he's 5 - got them down and was playing with them. Nana, thinking she'd get Deklan, told him that Grandpa used to eat with those utensils. From behind Nana Hayleigh says, "Really!" Right reaction, wrong kid.

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mommy~dearest said... grandparents used to have a set of those in their apartment. I remember being amazed at the sight of them when I was young.