Sunday, March 30, 2008

My husband and I took the kids to McDonald's today for lunch. My son had ketchup on his face and the theme of the happy meal was pirates. So my husband asked Deklan if he was Captain Ketchup Beard.
Deklan said, "No, I'm Captain Blind Beard."
If you noticed the picture of my children, all my kids wear glasses. The two youngest were born with cataracts and had to have their lenses removed as babies.

On the way home, I thought I heard a ding-dong and checked to see if I had voice mail on my cell. I didn't. I asked if anyone else heard that ding-dong sound. My husband said, "Oh that's just Hayleigh's head rattling." Hayleigh said, "Uh! NO!" Deklan said, "No, it was mommy's head."

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