Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer updates

Ok, I know I've kept you hanging after such a shock on my last post. As far as that situation goes there is no update on the legal position. Update on Kodi... she's seeing a therapist once a week. We had a few rounds about her attending high school in a few weeks. She doesn't want to go to the high school. She wants to online school. I think that she is not wanting to go based on what she thinks will happen. She is under the unbelievable impression that everyone hates her and no one believes what she said - but they believe the boy. Some of her "friends" did turn on her but not as many as she thinks. She still has a lot of friends that stand behind her but she doesn't realize it yet. With the therapist's help, I've convinced her to give high school a try - a minimum of 6 weeks - before we switch to either an online school program or some other alternative. I just don't want her to miss out on high school... tennis, ball games, dances, etc. We put her on abilify several months ago because of her behavior. She's gotten better with the attitude but she's been really depressed so we had to put her on anti-depressants last week to help her cope. I try to find reasons for her to help me at work or stay close to her but she does have a few friends that she hangs with and spends the night with on occasion so that's good.

Deklan... He's driving me crazy! He's always looking for something to do - he's never happy with anything! He's bored; he's wants to go to the store; he wants something else to do/play with. Ugh! He goes to day camp for children with special needs two days a week but I don't know what to do with him the rest of the time. Oh, and he has this new thing... he can be screaming his head off for hours. Once I hit the breaking point and scream back and tell him how much trouble he's going to be in if he doesn't knock it off - he suddenly gets a memory lapse! That's right, suddenly it's (very calm voice) "what are you talking about? I did do what you wanted me to didn't I?" Are you freaking kidding me??!! No, you didn't do what I wanted you to do! This makes me want to laugh hysterically when he does this because he is so totally serious and innocent. Kodi on the other hand wants to throttle him. It's extremely annoying and kind of funny at the same time.

Hayleigh... who's that?? Just kidding - she's been gone nearly every night and day this summer. She has a couple of friends that she hangs with, goes to the pool with, spends the night with and we hardly ever see her. She comes home long enough to do a load of laundry every now and then and then disappears again. At least she's enjoying the summer.

Me... I just had my second big event for the chamber. We had a golf tournament today. It was freaking HOT - 104 degrees plus humidity. Thank God there was a breeze for most of the morning. It was a great tournament! I think everyone had a great time. We've already got next year's dates (June 29, 2012) set for our next tournament. Lol - it takes a year to plan a really great tournament (or at least get a really good course scheduled!). Dakota volunteered with me at the tourney. She did a really great job and I'm very proud of her. She and I both drove a golf cart for the first time ever. She drove the beverage cart - adults took turns on the cart with her - but she drove for most of the day and loved it. Everyone thought she was adorable. She also helped with set up and clean up without complaining.

That's our summer update so far.

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