Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our vacation was awesome! We had such a great time. Since then the kids have started school again - 3rd grade, 6th grade, and 8th grade. I'm still president of the Parent Brigade (PTO) at the Middle School, which means I still help with the concessions, meals for the teachers, etc. and run the monthly meetings. I also am still co-leader of K's GS troop. The leader moved to Texas because she had to follow her job or lose it so she skypes to the meetings and her husband (R) and I do all the leg work here. We're hosting a booth at the annual church bazaar this year so R and I are doing the majority of the work for that - the leader will not be able to come back for that. Fun! Fun! Fun! I also am yearbook editor and member of the PTA at Deklan's school. Basically, I get to go up to his school every so often and take pictures - then I get to choose which ones go into the yearbook. That is fun - I really enjoy doing that. Wish I could get a job just doing that... but that's not going to happen! HaHa! I have also had knee surgery. Not doing as well as I had hoped or expected. It's been eight weeks and I'm still having trouble. I'm still on the board (treasurer) for the American Youth Soccer Organization in our region. I also am a member of the Friends of the Library for our local library. We're trying to raise enough money to build a new library which we desperately need. I spent nearly a whole week working a book sale for them... I figured the hours and it was nearly 40 hours! How funny is that - volunteering is almost a full time job. This will be my last year for Parent Brigade and AYSO though. I'm hoping to get a job soon. I'm torn though... I really enjoy being the "go to" mom that doesn't have to work and I enjoy taking all the vacation times the kids do. I know that once I get a job that stuff will not come so easily - even with a part time job.

Deklan is having eye surgery tomorrow. He's having a lens implant - right eye tomorrow... left eye in several weeks. Normally we would not be considering lens implants at this point. Hayleigh was ten before we even discussed hers - D's only eight. However, he has other eye issues that we're hoping will be corrected with the implants. Besides having poor vision (hence the implants), he also has eye crossing and difficulty focusing. This will be his fourth eye surgery but I'm still nervous. He seems to be dealing with it very well. He's been letting me put his eye drops in without any fussing. He knows that this surgery will help his eyes "be like Hayleigh's" as he puts it.

Halloween was fun this year. We didn't do a lot of regular trick or treating - we mostly went to the activities that the local churches had going on. The kids and I really enjoyed ourselves.

The girls have been playing soccer with AYSO. They were able to be on the same team this year. Thank goodness. Actually, R and I share the girls - ha! that sounds funny but he and I have a lot to do with each other and his girls are the same age/grade as my girls. We were able to put all four girls on the same team this time and that way we could see all their games. Otherwise we were going to have to switch up every other week - I take the older girls, he takes the younger and then switch for the next week. They haven't won a game yet but they are much better than last year. Anyway, R and I are always together for one thing or another and he treats my kids like his and I treat his like mine. In fact, K calls him her dad and his girls always call me mommy too. And since his wife is in Texas and my husband works nights we get along great.
Kodi and MaKenna
Hayleigh with the ball.
Kodi and Bayli

K also played tennis at school. She earned third place in doubles. I'm so proud of her. H wanted to do track but sixth graders aren't allowed to participate in school sports. She can't wait for next year though.

I can't wait for Thanksgiving... the kids and I are going to Mom's.

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