Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Ok so it's been awhile. I know... funny how life keeps getting in the way of my blogging. Anyway, here's what's been up this summer....

Deklan started day camp at Rainbows (a special needs camp) in June. He really liked it at first. Then he started throwing tantrums and saying he didn't want to go. However I'm such a mean mom, and we were getting a grant for him to attend, that I made him go anyway. And everyday when I picked him up he'd had a great day, lots of fun, field trips, etc. There were only a couple of days that he really screamed when I left but was completely fine when I picked him up. But it has been a struggle most days just to get him there. I really don't understand because he has such fun when he's there. He says it's because he doesn't get to spend any time with me.

Dakota spent a week at the end of June/first of July with my sister in law in Colorado. SIL's father retired so she went to his retirement party. Of course Hayleigh declined going on the trip because she already had plans with friends. My SIL made sure that she regretted that choice by buying Dakota dozens of new clothes and accessories. She got Hayleigh ONE shirt and Deklan ONE toy semi truck. Deep breath... we all know K is the favorite. Anyway, when Kodi got back from her "being the only child" trip she had a HUGE attitude problem.

July 4th was spent at my brother's of course. Just like every year; only this time we waited until later in the day to go over. Mainly because it rained all day. I was kind of hoping they would just cancel it, but it's such a big to-do in their neighborhood. All the neighbors and their friends/families come over and have a get together - food, beer, fireworks. It was ok - always is but I don't like my brother's attitude sometimes. He can be very mean and say hurtful things... of course he thinks he's joking so if I get mad then I'm the one blowing it out proportion so I don't normally say anything and just try to shrug it off. He wanted to take the "kids" to a movie the next day - K had free movie tickets from her birthday but only three. Brother dear was like so what? I have to pay for myself? He was taking them to the new Twilight movie (Eclipse?) and I knew that wasn't a movie for Deklan anyway. So basically what he meant is he wanted to take the girls to a movie. Little D was left ouit again. And after not seeing K for over a week, she and H both spent the night at Uncle's house. I was a little irritated. I told them that was fine I would take D to a movie after he got out of day camp. We went and saw Dspicable Me in 3D. It was kind of cute - first 3D movie for me ever. Deklan enjoyed our time together.

On July 7 all the kids started summer school. D chose to take an art class. Both of the girls had to take a math class because they did not do well on their grades. So now my schedule went from taking D to camp at 8:30 and picking up at 4:30 with errands, etc in between to... taking D to school at 9:00, picking up at 10:00, taking to camp at 10:30, picking up at 4:30, with all the errands in between. It sounds busy but really it's mostly driving. We finally got my car into the shop so the a/c works now (Thank God!) so it's not so bad... just the price of gas is ridiculous.

Only July 15 we took our Girl Scout troop on a trip to Texas. We went to Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor. It was fun. There were three adults, seven 13-year olds, two 11-year olds, and Deklan (7). Let me tell you if you are not used to 13-year old girls there is a LOT of DRAMA!! Everything causes someone to get their feelings hurt. But the important thing is that we survived.

We've also... been the dentist with the kids - H had to have a filling and about threw the biggest tantrum of any eleven year old you've ever seen. I thought I was going to knock her out. Chuck and I have both been to the doctor's (first in June then again in July)... He had very high cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure so he's on several new meds. He had his check up and blood work showed a huge improvement already. I couldn't get my blood work rechecked yet because I haven't been on the thyroid med long enough yet. I have another month to go for that. I had my annual eye appointment and then had to go see a specialist because my pressure was too high. Glaucoma runs in the family (mom is completely blind in one eye and can barely see out the other) so I take the pressure thing very seriously. Good news was pressure was great when we rechecked it and the full eye exam showed that I have healthy eyes. We took the dogs to the vet for shots. Riley had ring worm and was put on meds for that. She's doing much better. She's a tough patient for the vet though. It took three nurses to hold her down for the ring worm test (they had to remove some hair for a fungal test which happened to be right at her eye). She was not a happy camper. Gage has chiggar bites and is sensitive to the grass so his tummy is pink from irritation. Otherwise all is well with them. All the kids have had a virus which included throwing up and other things. Of course not at the same time so that was fun waiting to see who would be next in line. All are much better now and it only lasted about 24 hours each. We went with H's GS troop to see the new Ramona and Beezus movie. It was much better than I thought it would be. I applied for another job which I did not get. My friend got the job instead so I guess I'm happy for her. And next on the list....

Friday is Mall Madness with the Girl Scouts. Mall Madness is Girl Scouts spend the night in the mall. Stores stay open late, some have sales, Radio Disney comes out and has entertainment for the girls. It's fun and tiring all at once. The girls always enjoy it though. D cannot go to this one so he's staying at the neighbors over night. I asked my brother to watch D but he said that his wife would be out of town and he just didn't think he could handle it by himself, especially if D had an accident in his pants. He would only be there for the night... literally, 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. Whatever. But I am excited for Mall Madness this year. I think it's because we're leaving for an actual vacation the next day. We've taken family trips see relatives but this will be our first real family vacation since D was almost one. We're going to Nickelodeon Universe - one of the largest indoor amusement parks - located inside Mall of America in Minnesota. I'm really excited for this trip. I really love being with my family... the kids are such great entertainment and I really do love that they still like to be with me - even at age 13. :)

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