Friday, April 30, 2010

The Freak Out

So Deklan has a really high pain threshold and he doesn't cry when he gets hurt - unless there's blood. Blood completely freaks him out. Tonight he had a bloody nose... don't worry, he didn't get hit or anything, it just started bleeding. It bled a lot! He was freakin' out! I was driving when all of a sudden there is blood running down his face and drops all over his clothes. I had to pull over and find napkins and kleenex. Poor baby - I almost freaked out too, I do not like blood either. We put a dime between his upper lip and teeth and it quit. Don't know what was up, but hopefully it'll be ok now.

On a different note... I'm freakin' out because I found out today that it may be another four weeks before we get our tax refund. It's already been 3 months - 88 days to be exact. UGH!!


mommy~dearest said...

"put your money where your mouth is" is not to be taken literally... ;)

Marshella said...

LOL. Ok... it took me a minute but I got it. It's a thing that my mom always did when my brother had a nose bleed. It works too.