Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Day!

This is our second snow day in two weeks! Each on a Monday of course. Our parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for this week so our kids were already going to be out Thursday and Friday for conferences and then Monday for President's Day, giving them a 5-day weekend. Now they're out Monday... then Thursday, Friday, Monday.

Deklan is doing well on his medications. He's actually very controllable and rarely has an outburst now. He doesn't even fight me taking his meds and going to bed - except twice he didn't want to go to bed when it was time, but was ready within just a few minutes. He's also a lot more loving - and he was always a hugger anyway. It's really sweet though. I'll tell him 5 more minutes and he'll come up and tell me he wants to spend his last five minutes with me. Awwww.

Dakota's grades suck, but she's not overly difficult to live with. We took her off her ADHD medication a few months ago because I was ready to knock her out! The medication makes her so mean and hateful. She takes the meds and gets better grades because she has more focus... but no one can stand her. Take her off the meds and her grades slide drastically... but we enjoy having her in the same room with us (most days... she is a teenager you know).

Hayleigh is doing fine - she struggles with math, but overall she's good with everything.

Girl Scout cookie sales began on January 16. Dakota sold 228 boxes; Hayleigh 233 boxes. They are still selling - we are getting ready for the booth sales. I love booth sales! We're going to be extremely busy - two separate troops to try to help with. Since I'm co-leader of Kodi's troop, I'll be with her troop the most. This is fun... I really do love it. Weird, I know. My delimma... Deklan cannot go to the booth sales and my husband works nights. Who to babysit? I do not have a regular sitter. 1. I'm a stay at home mom... that's kind of my job so why hire someone else? 2. I'm not always sure people will get Deklan - or that he will be comfortable with someone else. He's pretty laid back but his quirks tend to put people off sometimes. 3. Money is tight and I don't always know what to pay, nor can I always afford it. So I facebooked my delimma and was talking to a high schooler that I know. Guess what? My sister-in-law read the post and offered to take Deklan for all the times that I'm going to be in the booth. Wow! She and my brother NEVER offer to take Deklan. And, they've even offered to drive over here (about 25 minutes) to pick Deklan up from school. I'm really surprised, but happy because I don't have to pay anyone.

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