Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We finally had to do it. It just about killed me, but we finally took Deklan in for a medication evaluation. His behavior had just gotten way out of control. He'd have fits for no reason. It would take hours for him to fall asleep - even after the 11th time of getting out of bed for a drink. He was starting to hit me when he'd get angry. He was hiding from me in public - at the church he would hide and it took six of us to find him! Not once, but twice! Don't even get me started on trips to the grocery store. Anyway, it was only a two week wait to get him in. He actually sees an ARNP but her direct doctor supervisor is a professional that deals directly with Autism on a daily basis. So she always has someone to turn to if she doesn't have the answer or we need further assistance than what we've got now. We put him on Abilify for the behaviors and Melatonin (herbal supplement) for the sleep. He's been doing very well. He even swallows the pills - I don't have to hide them or trick him, he just puts them in his mouth and takes a drink. I was a little worried about that because Hayleigh has a hard time swallowing pills without gagging - and there's nothing wrong with her. Anyway, he still has the tendancy to be a little hyper but he's way less emotional and very few fits. The good thing right now is that even though he has little fits, they don't last long and he can be easily distracted. I think I'm the one who needs to be medicated now - I have the I don't want to do anything, go anywhere, leave me alone blah's. Anyway, keep Deklan in your thoughts - this is a change for him.

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