Saturday, December 12, 2009

What was I thinking???!!!

I allowed the girls to each have a sleepover for their birthdays this year. Hayleigh's is next week - her birthday is the 17th. Kodi's birthday was the 9th - so her party was last night. What the ---- was I thinking???!!! Seriously, I think I must have been drunk, on drugs, asleep, or totally out of my mind when I agreed to this. Not just a sleepover - 12 and 13 year olds! Teenagers?! Of course there was a lot of screaming and giggling, but there was a lot of rudeness and crudeness. Mainly from 3 of the 10 - yes 10 - girls that were there. I do not ever remember acting like that at someone else's house. They didn't even clean up after themselves - that's just rude. On the plus side... Kodi had fun. Happy birthday Kodi... we will NEVER do this again! but I love you dearly.

Spongebob cake

Dakota got a nearly 6 foot Peter from the Family Guy. Actually Family Guy is banned in my house. I personally don't care for it... but the reason it is banned is because I feel it is inappropriate for my children. Unfortunately, Dakota doesn't agree and it's one of her favorites. Fortunately, she abides by the rule (most of the time) and doesn't watch it at MY house. (BTW... Simpsons are banned too. I know, horrible mom.)

Dakota and Deklan "pose" with Peter

Dakota got a Spongebob gift card. She was more excited over Spongebob than the monetary amount.

She also got a Spongebob pinata - no candy, just the pinata.

And my favorite gift for her was a 4-pack of Monster drinks! She's not allowed to drink those unless her daddy is home - she has ADHD and those put her over the top for me. She got a new cell phone from us. Both the girls did. A few weeks ago both of their phones broke within a few days of each other - Hayleigh fell off her bike and cracked her screen (it was in her back pocket) and Kodi's kept turning itself off until it just wouldn't come back on. So they each got a Gravity at a very reasonable price... and the payments are split out on my bill so I didn't have to pay anything but the taxes up front. However, it was with the understanding that they would not get a gift on their birthdays because the phones were the only presents. They both agreed and are loving their phones. Anyway...

Deklan got to enjoy some of the party too.

These pictures are just because I can! Kodi was being a spaz and I have the pictures to prove it! HaHaHa!

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